Nancy Matchett

Nancy Matchett

Associate Professor and Chair

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

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Dr. Nancy J. Matchett is a philosophical counselor certified by the American Philosophical Practitioners Association. She conducts research on the relationship between philosophical and psychological counseling and provides philosophical counseling services to both individuals and groups. She also conducts workshops on ethics teaching and training, including web-based design and delivery of ethics curricula. She writes about a variety of topics in ethics and moral psychology.



Professional Ethics

Includes design and delivery of ethics training workshops customized for specific workplaces. Workshops are desiged to familiarze participants with conceptual frameworks for reasoning about issues, and provide practical tips for communicating about values with both internal and external constituencies

Ethics Across the Curriculum

Includes tips for best practices for encouraging critical thinking about ethical issues that arise in various subjects and disciplines, tips for facilitating reasoned discussion of ethical issues, and tools for assessing student reasoning about values.

Applied Ethics

Includes social issues such as abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia and non-traditional marriage, as well as individual moral development and moral psychology.