UNC Business Students Score in Top 5 Percent Again on National Exam

For the third consecutive year, graduating seniors in the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado scored in the top 5 percent among students nationwide taking the Educational Testing Service Major Field Test in Business. This is the 11th year in a row that UNC business seniors scored in the top 10 percent or better.

The nationally administered test is the most widely used standardized instrument for assessing core business knowledge at undergraduate business programs nationwide.

More than 128,000 students from 600 business school nationwide were tested throughout the year in areas including accounting, finance, quantitative business analysis, management, marketing, legal/social environment, international business and economics.

The results are used as a driver for curricular improvement at the college. All Monfort College of Business students must complete the online exam in their final year of study.

Many of the most highly respected business schools nationwide have administered the exam, including Boston College, Baylor University, University of Florida, Quinnipiac University and Tulane University.

"Our consistently high scores on the ETS Exam are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students, faculty and staff," Acting Dean Karen Turner said. "By scoring in the 95th percentile of the nation this year and in the top 4 to 10 percent for 11 consecutive years, we continue to position ourselves as a national leader in business higher education. We have established a tradition of excellence at the Monfort College of Business, which is a great source of pride for everyone associated with MCB."

Monfort College of Business ETS Exam Performance - Major Field Test in Business (senior students
2003-04: 90th percentile
2004-05: 90th percentile
2005-06: 95th percentile
2006-07: 90th percentile
2007-08: 95th percentile
2008-09: 95th percentile
2009-10: 95th percentile
2010-11: 90th percentile
2011-12: 96th percentile
2012-13: 95th percentile
2013-14: 95th percentile

National average is 50th percentile