Student Group Wins Award for Video About Outreach Effort

The UNC chapter of the Student Academy of Audiology was the winner of a national contest to detail efforts of raising awareness and promoting prevention of noise-induced hearing loss using mannequins they built equipped with sound-level meters.

The group received a $250 cash prize at the American Academy of Audiology conference in Orlando. Noise exposure is the greatest contributor to acquired hearing loss in the United States, according to the academy.

UNC SAA Chapter Members are:

  • Reaghan Albert
  • Katie Kinter
  • Sarah Kirk
  • Sarah Coppinger
  • Leann Johnson
  • Mary Owen
  • Alyssa Lerner
  • Hannah Galloway
  • Kristin Garst
  • Christina Jenik
  • Shannon Wise
  • Kelli Lingen
  • Jordan Sanders
  • Kelsey Siran
  • Kristen Benjaminson
  • Matthew Gebing
  • Kristina Powers
  • Chelsie Hensley
  • Kirsten Holm
  • Bo Martinez
  • Sarah Thompson
  • Jamie Walter
  • Megan Carrier
  • Nakita Jarmon
  • Fiawokome Lotsu
  • Anthony Kovacs
  • Brenna Melvin
  • Jaycee Gallaher
  • Danielle O'Dorisio
  • Dania Fiorito
  • Ashley Atkin
  • Katy Hickey
  • Amelia Wells
  • Chandra Maas
  • Jennifer Raak
  • Elizabeth Choules

Faculty advisors are Tina Stoody and Erinn Jimmerson.

View the video at:


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