‘Flipped Classroom’ Researcher at UNC Receives State Leadership Award

Jerry Overmyer

The Colorado Council of Teachers of Math recognized a University of Northern Colorado employee for his contributions working with educators to improve mathematics learning for students.

Jerry Overmyer, outreach coordinator for UNC's Mathematics and Science Teaching Institute, received the council's leadership award for 2013.

Overmyer's work at UNC focuses on researching the flipped learning model in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Teachers using the model post online videos of lectures, and then in class, questions are answered and homework completed.

Overmyer created and moderates the Flipped Learning Network Ning, a network with more than 15,000 members to help teachers learn from each other about screen casting in education. Through his work, he continues to add to the knowledge base around flipped classrooms and the impact of such a classroom on student achievement.

Awarded a grant from the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Overmyer has been able to offer a comprehensive professional development program to high school mathematics teachers and provide them with tools and technology addressing state standards to improve teaching quality and student achievement.

Overmyer created and currently maintains the Colorado Mathematics Teachers Network, a professional learning community for Colorado mathematics educators. The network currently has nearly 400 active members. He also serves as the Technology Integration Specialist for the Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics.