Committee Recommends Changes to UNC Logos

Following a comprehensive evaluation of the University of Northern Colorado's visual identity, a committee including campus and community representatives has issued a report with its findings and 10 recommendations, which include embracing the UNC acronym and designing new logos.

The committee issued the recommendations following a review that included surveying students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members and other university stakeholders to determine whether the current logos convey a positive image of the university and form a cohesive visual identity.

University logos were evaluated, along with acronyms, school colors and the official university seal.

Among the committee's key findings was that the university has too many logos — in particular, mascot logos and acronyms — which creates "symbolic vagueness."

The committee recommends to:

  1. Embrace the term "UNC" and design a new "UNC" logotype (text-only treatment) that differentiates the acronym from the University of North Carolina's logotype. Use the logotype for athletics and academics.
  2. Design a new "University of Northern Colorado" logotype that works in tandem with the "UNC" logotype.
  3. Design a new "Bears" logotype that incorporates the new "UNC" logotype for athletics, alumni and spirit-oriented purposes.
  4. Design a new mascot logo to be used for athletics and when a university spirit mark is needed. Eliminate all other mascot logos.
  5. Eliminate the "NC" and "Northern Colorado" logotypes.
  6. Develop a new graphic solution to be used on athletics uniforms. This may include one of the above graphics or a complementary graphic.
  7. Design a new university seal to be used for formal applications including diplomas, transcripts, commencement materials, and president and board of trustee uses.
  8. Standardize "UNC Blue" and "UNC Gold" colors for all applications, including electronic communication and print communication and on apparel (including athletic uniforms.)
  9. Replace "purple and gold" in the university alma mater with "blue and gold."
  10. Clarify the use of secondary and tertiary colors as part of the university's identity standards.

Next steps include bringing in an outside firm to create new logo options. University constituents will have opportunities to provide feedback to proposed options. The design and evaluation process will begin this fall and conclude next spring.

To read the full report, click here (PDF)

September 19, 2013


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