Fall Flu Shot Clinic Information

UNC's Student Health Center will host multiple $25 flu shot clinics for faculty and staff at locations across campus this fall beginning Sept. 12, and the state of Colorado is sponsoring a free clinic on Oct. 8 for classified staff and dependents who are covered by either of the health plans available to them.

UNC Flu Shot Clinics

Checks or cash in the amount of $25 are accepted at the health center's clinics, which are also open to employees' dependents. A receipt is provided for reimbursement purposes. The schedule is:

  • Thursday, Sept. 12 - 2-4 p.m., University Center Council Room
  • Wednesday, Sept. 18 - noon-2 p.m., Human Resources Office (Carter 2002)
  • Thursday, Sept. 26 - 3-5 p.m., Lawrenson Hall
  • Tuesday, Oct. 15 - 3-5 p.m., Wiebking Hall

Free flu shots are available at these clinics for UNC students who present a current UNC ID Card.

State-Sponsored Free Flu Shot Clinic for Classified Staff

Free flu shots will be available for UNC classified staff and their dependents covered under either of the medical plans offered through UNC on Tuesday, Oct. 8, in Aspen B in the University Center. Classified staff must show their medical ID cards from Kaiser Permanente or United Health Care.

The free shots were arranged for by the Colorado Department of Human Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: If a classified employee doesn't attend the free flu shot clinic on Oct. 8, where else can they go to still get a free flu shot without having to do the paperwork for the reimbursement?
A: They can go to a doctor's office or a covered pharmacy for their shots.

Q: If a classified employee is not on UNC insurance, can they still get the free flu shot?
A: No, it's only for classified employees on the United Healthcare or Kaiser Permanente plan.

Q: Can the spouse of a classified employee and the employee both get free flu shots?
A: If the spouse is a covered dependent, they can. Otherwise, no.

Q: Will any other vaccines be available that day, e.g., pneumonia?
A: No.



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