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New Students on Campus

What goes into preparing for the beginning of an academic year at the University of Northern Colorado? We rounded up some facts and figures to help illustrate the effort involved in preparing for the start of the fall semester on Aug. 26.

Housing and Residential Education

  • 2014 new freshmen and 719 returning students living on campus
  • 136 Lead On participants and 27 Lead On facilitators
  • 155 students training for positions in Housing
  • 147 locks changed to the card swipe system in Wilson Hall (including closets, offices and storage)
  • 75 SRAs/RAs, 11 Community Assistants (Arlington & UAUH), 9 Diversity Mentors, 6 RHA executives, 8 Desk Operations Coordinators and 50 desk assistants who are training.
  • 4,437 Rolls of Toilet Paper placed into all the student housing facilities for hall opening.
  • Nearly 10,000 pounds of cardboard is recycled annually at hall opening, diverting all this cardboard from the waste stream.
  • 140 student rooms were painted over the course of the summer.

Campus Bookstore

  • 30,000 - roughly the number of books expected to be sold or rented for the fall semester.


  • Holmes dining room served 1,068 students for opening dinner on Thursday in Fall 2012.
  • Holmes served 3,484 student meals on the first day of school last year. That included 340 omelets and 480 pounds of melon
  • At last year's Taste of UNC 906 chocolate dipped bananas were served.

New faces

  • This fall, UNC expects to welcome more than 2,800 new undergraduate students (including transfer students), more than 665 new graduate students, and 56 new faculty and staff members.

Campus landscape


  • 365 - New computers installed in student computer labs
  • 1,763 - Computers in labs and classrooms that received software updates
  • 9,200 - Average number of calls a day handled by university's phone system
  • 270 - Average amount of MB per second of Internet bandwidth consumed during opening weekend

Campus Recreation

  • The Blue Cruiser Bike Program currently has a fleet of 100 cruisers and 20 mountain bikes for students to check out free of charge.
  • Outdoor Pursuits offers many opportunities to enjoy Colorado with more than 50 adventure trips per year. Students can participate in multi-day trips during semester breaks such as the Grand Canyon over spring break and skiing over winter break. Other day trips range from mountain biking, camping, hiking, and ice climbing. Check out the schedule.
  • Gear rentals include tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, snowboards and kayaks. All equipment rentals are free for students to check out. Visit the Gear Shop for your outdoor gear needs.
  • The Campus Recreation Center uses a newly acquired device called the germninja to sanitize sport balls. The germninja helps prevent spreading germs by using ultraviolet light to kill bacteria on equipment such as basketballs, volleyballs and soccer balls

Note: Other numbers will be added as they become available.


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