Reminder about Grade Replacement Policy Changes

UNC's Grade Replacement policy is undergoing a number of changes starting fall 2013, and students and advisors should be aware of the following important information:

  • Students must submit an application for Grade Replacement.
  • Because of the new limits on the number of courses that can be used with Grade Replacement, a student must submit a Grade Replacement Application no later than the drop deadline of the repeated course in order to be eligible for Grade Replacement.
  • Grade Replacement may now only be used once per individual course.
  • Previously, a student could repeat a course any number of times and the last grade received was the one that was used to calculate the cumulative GPA. The revised policy only allows one (1) previous grade to be removed from the GPA calculations for any given course. This aligns the policy with recent changes to federal financial aid regulations that prevent a student from getting aid for multiple repeats of a course. This limit applies to courses repeated Fall 2013 forward, so a student who had previously used Grade Replacement on a course may repeat it Fall 2013 or later and have one old grade removed from their GPA calculations.
  • There are now limitations on the number of courses that can be used with Grade Replacement.
  • The revised policy allows a student to apply Grade Replacement to up to six (6) different courses. This limit also starts with courses repeated Fall 2013 forward, so students who used Grade Replacement in previous semesters will still receive up to six Grade Replacement opportunities.

The application can be found at

The policy can be found at



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