Trustees Approve New Degree Programs, Room Naming, Adopt Resolution

University of Northern Colorado Board of Trustees at a regularly scheduled meeting Jan. 18 approved two new degree programs, the naming of a room for former U.S. Sen. Hank Brown who also served as UNC president, and adopted a resolution supporting state legislation to provide tuition equity for undocumented students.

New Degree Programs

  • The Master of Arts degree in Dance Education (33-36 credit hours including thesis) will be the first of its kind in Colorado and fits with UNC's mission in teacher education. The program is designed for teachers and prospective teachers with an emphasis on those in Colorado, including Colorado P.E. teachers who are expected to teach dance in schools as part of state standards. The program will involve a combination of online and classroom instruction and will be self-funded through UNC's Office of Extended Studies.
  • The Secondary English Education Endorsement (25 credit hours), also unique in the state, will address a set of state standards by preparing undergraduate, non-English Secondary teachers for an endorsement in English Language Arts, with an emphasis on improving literacy skills in the classroom. Each course addresses state academic core standards. The program will be offered fully online by the Department of English for at least three categories of student: undergraduate secondary or K-12 education majors pursuing licensure in a field other than English, graduate students seeking licensure in secondary English, and licensed secondary teachers pursuing an additional endorsement in English. For the program to be delivered, a position in English Education must continue to be filled.

Room Naming

  • The Hank Brown Wrestling Coaches Office in Butler-Hancock Hall recognizes the former senator and UNC president (July 1998 through June 2002) and his most recent gift of $5,000 in support of the wrestling program.


  • The resolution supports passage of Colorado Senate Bill 13-033, which would allow in-state tuition rates for undocumented students who meet criteria, including graduating from Colorado high schools. Read the resolution (PDF).

In other news:

  • Provost Robbyn Wacker announced that the Counseling Psychology Psy.D. has been replaced by the Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. The Counseling Psychology Ph.D. is accredited by the American Psychological Association, which leads to eligibility for licensure as a psychologist. As of Fall 2012, all students from the Psy.D. program have graduated.
  • The board welcomed newly appointed trustee Anthony D. Salazar.
  • Re-elected current board officers: Dick Monfort (chairman) and Jim Chavez (vice chairman).
  • Trustees also approved an update to the board policy manual that changes a reference to Manager of Environmental Safety to Director of Environmental Safety to reflect the position's current title.


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