'Chasing Ice'

Graduate Student Part of Team that Captures Changes in Arctic Glaciers

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Adam LeWinter on ice survey in the Arctic

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UNC graduate student Adam LeWinter was dispatched to the Arctic as part of the team that produced the 2012 Sundance Film Festival Award-winning documentary Chasing Ice. Crews placed time-lapse cameras throughout the region to track multiyear changes in glaciers.

The project, Extreme Ice Survey, led the team to various locations such as Nepal, Greenland, Iceland and Alaska, where they worked for anywhere from days to months, capturing images of the glaciers over time to observe their dramatic changes and reactions to climate change.

LeWinter met the director and founder of Extreme Ice Survey, James Balog, through a friend and immediately became passionate about the project. They filmed for Chasing Ice from 2007-2010, capturing breathtaking footage from the beautiful locations.

LeWinter has also spent time on the ice for Discovery Channel and Nova.

Currently, LeWinter is studying volcanic eruption activity in Hawaii using LiDAR with UNC Professor Steven Anderson. His thesis work is on the Halema'uma'u vent of the Kilauea active lava lake at the base of a crater. Their goal is to characterize and quantify the evolution of the vent over time using LiDAR, a detection system that works on the principle of radar, but uses light from a laser. They have completed two surveys of the vent so far.

- Nicolette Bardos, Sophomore Art and Design major

For more information, please visit: chasingice.com