UNC Interim Session Registration Continues

Registration for UNC's 2012-13 Interim Session, which runs from Dec. 17-Jan. 11, is now open. Students in good academic standing who could benefit from earning credits over the Holiday Break are encouraged to consult the Interim Schedule of courses. All courses are offered only online. The requirement of earning 24 credit hours before being eligible to take Interim Session classes has been lifted.

High school students are elibible to take the following courses for credit (courses not covered by the Concurrent Enrollment Plan; information on costs here).

  • BACS 101 - Business Computing
  • COMM 102 - Introduction to Communication
  • GEOG 100 - World Geography
  • JMC 100 -Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication
  • MET 110 - Meteorology: Our Violent Atmosphere
  • SCI 109 - Science: The Cosmos
  • SOC 100 - Principles of Sociology

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at 970-351-2231.

(970) 351-2231


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