Four of a Kind

Foster quadruplets

The Foster quadruplets (left to right) Grant, Clare, Connor and Paige.

Photo courtesy of Annie Johnson

You might guess that the Foster quadruplets would be looking forward to getting out of Greeley. After all, the four, who graduated from Frontier Academy in May, were born and raised here. Guess again. Grant, Paige and Clare started classes at UNC Aug. 27 and Conner is enrolled at Aims Community College with plans to transfer and join his siblings next fall.

From kindergarten through fifth grade, the quads were in the same class with the same teacher, every year. Middle school changed that, and it wasn't until their senior year of high school that they were able to have a class together again, which, according to Paige, wasn't weird at all - it was actually pretty fun.

"My favorite part about being a quadruplet is that there's always something going on," Paige said. "If Grant, Connor and Clare are out and I'm sitting at home, I get a little anxious; we usually always have someone to talk to or hang out with."

Her three siblings concurred, and they all also agreed on their least favorite aspect of being a quadruplet.

"Sometimes I feel like little video cameras are walking around the house," Connor said. "You really can't get away with anything."

Although the four keep a close eye out on each other when they're all home and enjoy their time together, each has his or her own circle of friends and interests outside their family life.

Clare enjoys playing the guitar and singing when she's not working at Banfield Pet Hospital or going to school. While she's still not completely decided on a major, she hopes to pursue a career involving animal care after graduation.

Grant loves to golf and plays whenever and wherever he can. He's majoring in Business Administration at UNC and plans on staying in touch with his family's love of Disneyland by working as a hotel or shop manager for the California theme park.

Paige is a dancer with a passion for hip-hop. During high school she was part of the Dance Factory, a local dance studio in Greeley. She's majoring in Audiology and Speech Language Sciences and after graduation would like to open a dance studio for children with developmental disabilities. She wants to stay close to home, where she can visit her nieces and nephews and immediate family regularly.

Connor is a liberal arts major at Aims. His passion is music, specifically DJing. He hopes to be able to combine his passion for music with work after graduating.

With three older siblings as well as the quadruplets in the Foster house, there's always a lot going on, and the quads all say they're looking forward to making new friends, taking higher level courses and starting one of the most unforgettable chapters of their lives - college.

- Katie Owston, Senior Journalism Major