UNC Students to Design Archaeology Experience, Research Site to be Established

Assistant Professor Andrew Creekmore, pictured here during an excavation in Turkey, is helping lead the local archaeology projects that provide hands-on experience for students.

Courtesy of Andrew Creekmore, http://www.unco.edu/anthropology/creekmore

University of Northern Colorado students will now have another opportunity to gain hands-on experience and build their skills in the field of archaeology thanks to two grants recently awarded.

- A $4,185 grant from The Community Foundation Littler Youth Fund awarded to the Poudre Learning Center, in conjunction with Assistant Archaeology Professor Andy Creekmore, will provide support to create mock excavation trenches at the center. The simulated field experience will feature planted replicas of artifacts from different time periods and will be re-excavated repeatedly by students as an educational activity. UNC students will work with the center's staff to develop, construct and test the activity this spring. It will be ready for participants this summer.

"By completing this activity the participants will obtain a better understanding of what archaeology is all about, and gain a greater appreciation for the importance of proper recovery and interpretation of archaeological materials," said Creekmore, who was approached by UNC anthropology major Adrien Hoff, who interns at the center, to develop the idea with the center's director Ray Tschillard.

- The second grant, a $2,497 award from UNC's Faculty Research and Publication board, provides support to establish a local UNC research site at the Poudre Learning Center. Students and faculty will learn and demonstrate various geophysics methods, such as ground penetrating radar, that make it possible to identify and analyze archaeological remains without large-scale excavation.

For more information, contact Assistant Archaeology Professor Andy Creekmore at (970) 351-2761, or Poudre Learning Center Director Ray Tschillard at (970) 352-1267.