UNC Faculty Researchers Awarded $180,000 CDE Program Evaluation Contract

Team will develop, design and implement evaluation model for state dropout prevention and student engagement programs

University of Northern Colorado faculty researchers have been selected by the Colorado Department of Education to develop, design and implement an evaluation system for five federal and state funded programs that include dropout prevention and student engagement.

Elysia Clemens (project director), Lisa Rue, Robyn Hess, Sonja Rizzolo and John Froiland were awarded the three-year, $179,178 contract to review current practices and provide a recommended framework for measuring outcomes of programs in CDE's Dropout Prevention and Student Engagement Unit.

The programs provide academic opportunities for at-risk students, support for students experiencing homelessness, assistance to schools for identifying students at risk of dropping out and reengaging students who have dropped out, and increased availability of school counselors in secondary schools.

The team's work will include creating an evaluation system based on tracking student outcomes through online reporting and providing site-based training to staff evaluating the programs.