A Matter of Minutes

UNC contributors to The Academic Minute

UNC contributors to The Academic Minute (clockwise from top left) Michael Mills, Steve Anderson, Michael Opitz and David Thomas

University of Northern Colorado faculty members are joining colleagues from around the world in sharing a daily dose of research via The Academic Minute, a program airing weekdays on nearly 60 radio stations across North America.

Each installment of the program features a different college or university professor, with topics ranging from updates on groundbreaking scientific research to an explanation of the popularity of a current television show.

In addition to UNC, the 125 other schools represented on the program so far include Harvard, Yale, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Tulane, Dartmouth and Duke in the United States, and the universities of Cambridge, Reading and Warwick in the United Kingdom.

To date, UNC's contributions to The Academic Minute are:

David Thomas, assistant professor of Management, explained how businesses and other organizations view their place in the communities that exist around them. Read/listen to his Academic Minute.

Steve Anderson, professor of Geology and director of UNC's Mathematics and Science Teaching Institute, spoke on how researching volcanism here on Earth can shed light on similar processes elsewhere in the solar system. Read/listen to his Academic Minute.

Michael Opitz, professor of Elementary Education, talked about the link between literacy and fitness among youth during his episode. Read/listen to his Academic Minute.

Michael Mills, who co-directs and teaches courses in UNC's Life of the Mind and English programs, recently recorded an episode on semiotics - the study of signs - and explained how their interpretation is affected by a person's belief systems, experiences and other factors. The episode has not yet been scheduled for airing.

The Academic Minute is produced by and syndicated WAMC/Northeast Public Radio, a regional public radio network serving parts of seven northeastern states. UNC contributors record their segments on campus for electronic transmission to WAMC.

Audio and transcribed versions of episodes of the program are available on WAMC's website at http://www.wamc.org/academic-minute.html, and in audio on Inside Higher Ed's website at http://www.insidehighered.com/audio.

The Academic Minute invites contributions from UNC faculty who would like to record a 1:40 essay related to their area of expertise. Email Nate Haas for more about this opportunity.