Trustees Approve 2011-12 Budget Updates, Mineral Rights Lease, Board Policy Revisions

Trustee Dee St. Cyr presents blankets to Carlotta LaNier and Darlene

UNC trustee Dee St. Cyr, middle, presents Native American blankets to Darlene LeDoux and Carlotta LaNier, left, to recognize the contributions of the departing board members, whose terms will end Dec. 31.

UNC Board of Trustees unanimously approved an updated 2011-12 operating budget to account for changes that include bond refinancing, a lease with a Greeley-based company for underground oil-and-gas exploration from off-campus sites, and Faculty Senate revisions to clarify and amend board policy related to emeritus faculty status, faculty titles and course overloads.

The board took the action at its regularly scheduled meeting Friday, Nov. 18:

  • 2011-12 operating budget: After the current year's operating budget was approved in June, refinancing of institutional, auxiliary and housing bonds occurred. That has resulted in savings that will be used for reserves and to help manage expenses, including operating Arlington Park Apartments, a student residence complex now managed by the university. The updated budget also includes the transfer of $1.3 million in scholarships for agreements that provide discounted tuition for non-resident students from neighboring and partnering states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, NorthDakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.
  • Mineral rights: The "no-surface occupancy" lease with Mineral Resources Inc., a Greeley-based company, provides underground access to 246 acres of campus for horizontal drilling that will occur from off-campus locations. No surface activity will occur on campus and production at a minimum depth of about 7,000 feet is not near any aquifers. Mineral Resources will provide to the university about $123,000 up front and a 16 percent royalty from production.
  • Board Policy changes: Faculty Senate revisions included the following:
    --> Clarifying emeritus faculty process: Automatic nominations will occur for tenured professors or associate professors in good standing who are retiring after serving 10 or more years. Nominations must be made by the appropriate department chair, school director, dean, provost or president for faculty in good standing with fewer than 10 years of service.
    --> Faculty classification amendments that include distinguishing four types of contracts: adjunct, contract-renewable, tenure-track and tenure. Also, adding to the faculty ranks of lecturer, instructor, assistant professor, associate professor and professor, the following academic titles: visiting faculty, clinical faculty, research faculty and professor-in-residence.
    --> Faculty course overload: Inserted language that any exception "to the one overload course limit" must be approved by the provost.
  • Recognizing service: The board passed resolutions recognizing the contributions of trustees and alumnae Carlotta LaNier and Darlene LeDoux, whose terms expire Dec. 31. LaNier, a member of the Little Rock Nine who integrated Central (Ark.) High School in 1957 and who received the Congressional Gold Medal, has served on the board since May 5, 2006. LeDoux has served since Oct. 12, 2007. A veteran educator with 30 years of experience, she's the principal of Lena Archuleta Elementary in Denver. Following the resolution, trustee Dee St. Cyr presented LaNier and LeDoux with traditional Native American blankets as a token of her appreciation.

In other news:

  • Acting Senior Vice President and Provost Robbyn Wacker shared enrollment data from the fall census. See UNC's Facts and Figures:
  • Anita Fleming-Rife updated the board about campus equity and diversity efforts including the award-winning Power of Words series. The ongoing programming offers campus presentations on the use of pejorative language - most recently on "retarded" — and the consequences of such use regardless of intent. The first discussion in the series - "The N-Word: Conversations around" - was chosen as the "Educational Program of the Month" last November by the National Residence Hall Honorary, a branch of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls.
  • President Norton updated the board about transitioning from an absolute hiring freeze. Vacant positions will continue to be reviewed to determine if they are "the best way to fulfill the function." "We're engaged in a positive culture change about how we operate and the same is true for how we hire," Norton said. For the current fiscal year, 16 positions were determined to be critical and have been filled or are currently in the hiring process.


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