UNC Awarded Healthcare Grant for Underserved Populations in Region

The Colorado Health Foundation has awarded a grant for the collaboration between the University of Northern Colorado School of Nursing, its National Institute for Nursing Education and Scholarship (NINES), Family Physicians of Greeley, Banner Medical Group and Sunrise Community Health.

The "Community Partnership to Enhance Advanced Practice Nursing Services to Underserved Populations" award is for $209,044 and is augmented by a $27,000 grant funded by the North Colorado Medical Center, Inc.

Sunrise Community Health provides services to underserved populations in Northern Colorado.

"The purpose of this project is to create a community partnership to increase the number of healthcare professionals who serve underserved populations of Northern Colorado ultimately increasing the number Coloradoans who receive integrated care," said Project Director Vicki Wilson, Ph.D.

Wilson, Ph.D., Rhonda Squires, Ph.D., and Catherine Dingley, Ph.D. are professors in UNC's School of Nursing. Donna Bottenberg, Ph.D., professor emeritus, and Mitzi Moran, director of Sunrise Community Health were the writers of this of this project.