New Staff, Faculty Welcomed

The following new staff and faculty were welcomed as members of the UNC community in September.

  • Kimberley Arnold, Administrative Assistant II, Academic Support & Advising
  • Diana Becker, Adjunct Faculty, Nursing
  • Manuel Gant Bernal, Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Aid
  • Carri Bloomer, Administrative Assistant II, Registrar's Office
  • Elizabeth Buller, Administrative Assistant III, Biological Sciences
  • Sarah Chase, Director of One Stop Plus, Student Success
  • Leslie Cliff, Dining Services II, Dining Services
  • Christal Cowley, Police Officer Intern, Police Department
  • Kristin Deal, Adjunct Faculty, Leadership Policy & Development
  • Sonya DeWitt, Technical Support Manager, IM&T
  • Kristen Drage, Assistant Softball Coach, Athletics
  • Eileen Elles, Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education
  • Joanne Foster, Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education
  • Jesse Gleason, Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education
  • Richard Hanks, Executive Director of GOAL Program, Special Education
  • Marion Huntley, Nursing Academic Advisor, School of Nursing
  • Laura Uglean Jackson, Archives & Special Collections Librarian & Assistant Professor, Michener Library
  • Cayley Loeffler, Program Coordinator, MCB Small Business Development Center
  • Colleen Maroney, Academic Advisor, Academic Support & Advising
  • Belinda Navarro, Undergraduate Program Management Specialist, School of Nursing
  • Tammi Olson, Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education
  • Linda Perrich, Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education
  • Kimberly Poast, Adjunct Faculty, Leadership Policy & Development
  • Tiffany Regan, Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education
  • Lori Sander, Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education
  • Dorothy Schulte, Adjunct Faculty, Nursing
  • Madelyn Smith, GOAL Academic Coordinator, Special Education
  • Steven Smith, IT Professional, IM&T

Names, titles and affiliations provided by Human Resources, 970-351-2718.


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