It's Not Too Late to Extend Student-Employee Computer Accounts That Expired Aug. 31

All student-employee computer accounts ( not created in July or August were set to expire Aug. 31. If you have student-employees who will be working through the 2017-18 academic year and would like their account access extended through May 31, email Technical Support with the students' first and last names (e.g., John Doe). You do not need to submit a New Account Creation (PDID) form to extend student-employee accounts.

Additionally, include the names of students who are no longer working for your department with the word "Delete" (e.g., John Doe - Delete) next to their name so their access to employee resources can be removed. If you have new student-employees who will start working in the fall, you will need to submit a New Account Creation (PDID) online at

Please don't include students' Bear Numbers in the account extension and deletion requests.

Please note that this does not include GA/TA, Faculty or Staff accounts or any student-employee accounts created in July or August.

If you have any questions, contact Technical Support, 351-4357.



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