Stories of the Class of 2017: Evan Bo: Peace Corps in Togo

Evan Bo worked in multiple locations around campus while earning his UNC bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts and Dance - Acting with magna cum laude honors, and those experiences may have influenced where his education will continue.

After graduating, Bo will spend a few weeks at home in Arizona before he leaves for Togo, Africa, where he'll be working with the Peace Corps.

"I just wanted to do something bigger than myself," he said.

Bo started out building sets for the College of Performing and Visual Arts, but also spent time working in the Honors Program office, the Provost's office and even UNC President Kay Norton's office.

Those experiences showed him that a relatively small university can actually be bigger and more complex than it seems.

Once he arrives in Togo, Bo will undergo rigorous training on the language and local customs before he begins teaching English and gender education to residents.

Despite the tumultuous political climate in some African countries, Bo isn't concerned about his safety.

"They don't send you anywhere that's not safe so I'm not terribly worried," he said.

Bo said he keeps trying to find out how it will be once he arrives, and has spoken with many of the other volunteers he'll be working with but has accepted that he can't know what it will be like once he arrives.

"I've just got to go with the flow of things," he said.

Bo hopes to share his love of theater with the people of Togo by beginning a theater club once he arrives and is settled, and he'll use what he learned at UNC in that endeavor.

"The acting program is very small and very community based," Bo said.

He said that's part of the reason why he loves UNC.

- Monique Becker, Bachelor's in Journalism, 2017


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