UNC Enrollment Exceeds Expectations

The University of Northern Colorado saw an increase in its total enrollment, despite a slight drop in on-campus students. The university posted better than expected on-campus enrollment, even with higher admissions standards that earlier had administrators predicting a drop of more than 350 new freshmen.
UNC's on-campus enrollment is 10,983, down 56 students (0.5 percent) from last year's 11,039.
New freshmen increased by seven students, from 2,133 in 2000 to 2,140 this year. They are the first group to enter under the higher academic standards.
UNC this year raised its index score (a combination of a student's high school grades, class rank and scores on standardized college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT) from 92 to 94, putting it ahead of the University of Colorado-Denver and the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. Admissions officials predicted a decrease of at least 350 students by applying the higher admissions standards to the entering 2000 class.
"We're delighted to be able to maintain a steady enrollment in light of our higher admissions standards," said UNC President Hank Brown. "Higher admissions standards means that we are attracting more high-quality students, who will raise the bar for everyone on campus, from their classmates to faculty."
UNC's FTE enrollment is 9,610.7, down 1.1 percent from last year's 9,713.6. Minority enrollment dropped 6.8 percent, from 1,472 to 1,372.




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