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UNC Professor Shares Insight Addressing AP History Changes

University of Northern Colorado History Professor Fritz Fischer has been invited to the Colorado State Board of Education Sept. 10 for a scheduled discussion about forthcoming changes to the Advanced Placement U.S. History (better known as APUSH) framework.

Fischer, director of History Education at UNC, is chair emeritus of the National Council for History Education, the largest national membership organization focusing on K-12 history education. He also served as co-chair of the Committee for Colorado Social Studies Standards in 2009.

Fischer points out that that the state standards align with the APUSH framework in guiding the work of U.S. history teachers. Author of The Memory Hole: The U.S. History Curriculum Under Siege, a book exploring the anti-history movement in which historical events are adapted to fit current political views from both the left and right, Fischer asserts that political motivations have led to misstatements of fact in APUSH.

"The framework asks teachers to promote student thinking and discussion of all of the eras mentioned in the resolution, rather than insisting that students memorize certain preconceived ideas about American history," Fischer writes in a letter urging the Colorado State Board of Education forego adopting a resolution in opposition to APUSH.

Read Fischer's full letter to the board here (PDF).

Reminder: RSVP for State of the University Address

Don't forget to RSVP for President Kay Norton's annual State of the University Address and Campus and Community Luncheon on Tuesday, Sept. 16, by emailing Elaine Quam by Monday, Sept. 8.

Complimentary lunch will be served in the University Center ballrooms beginning at noon and the president's address will begin at 12:30 p.m.

The event is open to the public and space is limited. Free parking will be available in University Center lots during the event. Please share this information with staff who don't have regular access to email.

Blackboard Collaborate Virtual Training Offered in September

Blackboard Collaborate provides a synchronous virtual classroom that can be used to connect instructors and students in an online course. To learn more, sign up for one of the Blackboard Collaborate demo sessions being offered in September by the Instructional Design and Development team.

Topics will include session set-up, loading content, file sharing, application overview and more. Please plan on attending one of these online sessions from the computer systems from which you will deliver the session on your own. Sign up at the IDD Workshop website.

New Staff, Faculty Announced

The following new staff and faculty were welcomed as members of the UNC community in August.


  • Melissa Arias, Custodian I, Facilities Management
  • Gregory Bachkora, Assistant Softball Coach, Athletics
  • Ryan Cook, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics
  • Jeremy Davis, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Student Activities
  • Sylwia Deleon, Marketing Coordinator, College of Performing and Visual Arts
  • Janelle England, Materials Handler I, Warehouse
  • Jaclyn Gidley, Coordinator of Club Sports, Campus Recreation
  • Krysten Guse, Cheer Coach, Athletics
  • Amandine Habben, Assistant Business Manager, Athletics
  • Angelyn Makomenaw, Assistant Director of Prevention Education, Counseling Center
  • Jason Malay, Director of Sponsorships, Athletics
  • Leslie Masterpaul, Director of Marketing & Fan Experience, Athletics
  • Jennifer Mathis, Postdoctoral Fellow, Education Innovation Institute
  • Jennifer Negley, Business Consultant, Monfort College of Business
  • Pete Niehoff, Laboratory Coordinator I, School of Art & Design
  • Jared Ocana, Track & Field Coach, Athletics
  • Pamela Ownby, Administrative Assistant II, Audiology
  • Adrina Pawlak, Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Aid
  • Nickolas Perez, Custodian I, Facilities Management
  • Melanie Poston, Recruitment Coordinator, College of Performing and Visual Arts
  • Sergio Rosales, Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Aid
  • Veronica Secord, Administrative Assistant II, Economics
  • Ranae Selmeyer, Resident Scenic Artist, College of Performing and Visual Arts
  • Kobee Stalder, Director of Communications, Athletics
  • Felicia Tassone, Administrative Assistant II, Registrar
  • Maria Vidales-Recendez, Custodian I, Facilities Management
  • Susan Webber, Assistant Volleyball Coach, Athletics
  • Kristi Whitcomb, Scheduler, Facilities Management
  • Jonathan Williams, Custodian I, Facilities Management
  • Paul Witt III, Custodian I, Facilities Management


  • Stephanie Anderson, Adjunct Faculty, Nursing
  • Grace Asquith, Adjunct Faculty, Music
  • Spencer Bagley, Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences
  • Crystal Baker, Adjunct Faculty, Psychology
  • Michael Barla, Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education
  • Janet Berti, Adjunct Faculty, Nursing
  • Ann Biebel, Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education
  • Kyle Bolen, Lecturer, Sport & Exercise Science
  • Ashley Colquitt, Adjunct Faculty, Community Health
  • Suzanne Conner, Lecturer, Marketing
  • Betty Creasy, Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education
  • Daniel DeCino, Adjunct Faculty, Counselor Education
  • Karla Del Carpio Ovando, Assistant Professor, Hispanic Studies
  • James Dewhirst, Adjunct Faculty, Art & Design
  • Gabriel Dickey, Executive Professor, Accounting
  • Michone Duffy, Adjunct Faculty, English
  • Richard Englebert, Adjunct Faculty, Nursing
  • Mary Evans, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Barbara Garrity, Lecturer, Nursing
  • Sarah Goodrum, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
  • James Gracey, Adjunct Faculty, Human Services
  • Brigitte Gustafson, Adjunct Faculty, Urban Education
  • Julie Hagy-Hancock, Adjunct Faculty, Special Education
  • Briana Harris, Adjunct Faculty, Music
  • Christina Hebbeler, Adjunct Faculty, Sociology
  • Krystal Hinerman, Assistant Professor, Applied Statistics & Research
  • Sarah Hirner, Lecturer, Geology
  • Michelle Johnstone, Adjunct Faculty, Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership
  • Philip Kennedy, Adjunct Faculty, Music
  • Artemis Khazaie, Adjunct Faculty, Biology
  • Rena Kirkland, Adjunct Faculty, Psychology
  • Marcelo Kopcow, Adjunct Faculty, Criminal Justice
  • Justin Krawitz, Assistant Professor, Music
  • Christine Kyser, Assistant Professor, Educational Technology
  • Diane Lauer, Adjunct Faculty, Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership
  • Brianne Markowski, Assistant Professor, University Libraries
  • Jeanette McNeill, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • Cynthia Melendrez, Lecturer, Hispanic Studies
  • Gail Moore, Adjunct Faculty, Nursing
  • Kevin Pollock, Adjunct Faculty, Physics & Astronomy
  • Meghan Quirk, Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education
  • Brenda Ramthun, Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education
  • Tristan Rennie, Adjunct Faculty, Music
  • Nora Rossbach, Adjunct Faculty, English
  • Kristin Schams, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Julie Slivka, Assistant Professor, Urban Education
  • Audrey Snyder, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Joshua Stewart, Adjunct Faculty, Psychology
  • Danielle Stomberg, Adjunct Faculty, Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Natasha Turner, Adjunct Faculty, Urban Education
  • Laura Williams, Adjunct Faculty, Theatre Arts & Dance
  • Megan Williams, Adjunct Faculty, Mathematical Sciences
  • Dean Zeller, Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences
  • Ather Zia, Instructor, Anthropology & Gender Studies
  • Robyn Ziolkowski, Assistant Professor, Audiology & Speech Language Sciences
  • Willem van Schalkwyk, Assistant Professor, Music

Names, affiliations and titles provided by Human Resources.

Student Newspaper Under New Management

The Mirror, UNC's student-run news publication, is under new management that includes general manager Matt Lubich, a UNC alumnus who owns the Johnstown Breeze, and editor Alexandria Adair Vasquez, a fifth-year senior.

Lubich brings a strong news background to the job, and Vasquez is a superior student journalist. If you haven't read the publication in a while, it's worth checking out. The students aren't perfect, but they're doing their best.

If you can, use The Mirror in your classroom as an educational tool. And if you have students who are good writers or engaged in current events, urge them to work for the publication.

Check out the publication at its website or pick up a free copy on campus.

If you have questions or comments about The Mirror, please contact Lynn Klyde-Silverstein, chair of the Student Media Corporation.

Assistance Available for Special Events, Conferences, Camps

Conference Services reminds faculty and staff that event planning support, secure online registration, payment processing and transfers, and other services are available for faculty and staff interested in hosting conferences, events and summer camps for their department or professional organization.

All your needs such as meeting space, housing and meals can be booked in one place.

Also, online registration is available as a stand-alone service.

More information is available on Conference Services' website.

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