UNC Today: Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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Important Information about Hiring International Students

If you'll be hiring international students to work at UNC, be aware that hiring paperwork for hourly and salaried international students must be processed by the Center for International Education, which will create the student's timesheet through the EPAF system in Ursa. When hiring international students, be aware that:

If you have questions about the hiring process for international students, please contact Rick Hoines-Brumback, 970-351-2405.

Psychological Services Clinic Providing Services

If you'd like to make changes in your personal or professional life and need help, UNC's Psychological Services Clinic is providing confidential, low-cost counseling and psychological assessment services during fall semester.

The cost for counseling starts at $60 for 50-minute weekly sessions for the entire semester. Sessions are available for individuals (adults, adolescents and children), couples and families, as well as groups.

The cost for psychological assessments begins at $400 for an assessment battery.

Services are provided by master's and doctoral students who are closely supervised by licensed mental health professionals and faculty in Counseling Psychology, School Psychology and Counselor Education and Supervision.

If you, or anyone you know (student or non-student), is interested, please contact the Psychological Services Clinic at 970 351-1645, stop by McKee 248 or visit the clinic's website for more information

Blackboard Tip of the Month for Safe Assignment Users

The Safe Assignment tool in Blackboard has been incorporated into the Blackboard Assignment Tool, so you'll no longer see Safe Assign as a separate choice in the Assessments menu. Instead, choose Assignment, be sure to click on Submission Details and check the option "Check submissions for plagiarism."

If you have existing Safe Assignments in your Blackboard courses, deleting and re-inserting using the regular Assignment tool is recommended.

For more information, visit the Blackboard Tips website.

Student Employee Email Accounts Expire Aug. 31

All student employee email accounts (firstname.lastname@unco.edu) are set to expire Aug. 31. If you have student employees who will be working through fall semester and would like their account access extended through Dec. 31, send an email to Technical Support with the students' first and last names (e.g., John Doe).

Additionally, include the names of students who are no longer working for your department with the word "Delete" (e.g., John Doe - Delete) so their access to employee resources can be removed.

Please, don't include students' Bear Numbers.

If you have any questions, contact Technical Support, 351-4357.

Need a Key? Call Ahead to Save Time

The staff at the UNC Service Center in Parsons Hall recommends calling ahead (351-2446) this week and next to order a building or room key in order to avoid time spent waiting in line. A key card with an authorized signature must be presented at the Service Center when a key is picked up. The center is open from 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

FRPB Proposal Deadline Change Announced

The deadline for proposals for the Faculty Research and Publications Board's New Project Program fall funding cycle has been changed to Sept. 17, a month earlier than previously announced. In addition, deadlines for proposals for these other FRPB award programs also are approaching.

  • Provost Award for Travel - Sept. 12
  • Research, Dissemination and Faculty Development - Oct. 24
  • Winchester Award - Oct. 10

Contact Trent Lalonde for more information.

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