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Award-Winning Educator to Present Guest Lecture Sept. 15

Sonia Nieto, an award-winning educator in the fields of curriculum and bilingual and multicultural education, will present "Becoming Culturally Responsive and Socially Just Educators: What Does It Take?" 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 15, in the University Center's Panorama room.

Her presentation is free and open to the public.

An award-winning writer and researcher, Nieto has published dozens of journal articles and book chapters, and authored several books in her areas of study.

She received the 1997 Multicultural Educator of the Year award from the National Association for Multicultural Education, the 2005 Educator of the Year Award from the National Council of Teachers of English.

In May 2014, she was awarded the Medal for Distinguished Service, the highest honor given by the Teachers College at Columbia University.

Over a career in education spanning almost five decades, Nieto has taught students of all ages - ranging from elementary school to doctoral studies - and has served in senior roles of programs pertaining to cultural diversity, education reform and school leadership across the country.

She earned a doctorate in curriculum studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, from which she retired in 2006 with professor emerita status.

Nieto earned her master's degree in Spanish and Hispanic Literature from New York University after completing her undergraduate studies at St. John's University in New York City with an education degree and a minor in Spanish.

Her visit to campus, which will also include sessions with faculty and students, is the first of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences' 2014-15 ED Talks speaker series and is co-sponsored by the Schulze Interdisciplinary Speaker Series.

For more information, contact Marsha Stewart, 970-351-2817.

Summer Course Evaluations Due Aug. 29

The deadline for scanning summer session bubblesheet course evaluation forms is Friday, Aug. 29. Forms not scanned by then will not be included in the report file that will be run Sept. 2 and sent to the college deans' offices.

For more information, visit the course evaluation web page.

Keeping Our Campus Healthy

With the return of thousands of people to campus, the University of Northern Colorado is taking steps to promote disease prevention, good hygiene and vaccinations.

Many health issues such as influenza, MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), Ebola and a strain of flu labeled H7N9 can affect the entire campus community. To help protect ourselves and others, UNC urges the campus community to seek medical attention when ill, especially if you've traveled outside the United States, and to continue to be vigilant in adhering to good hygiene and sanitation guidelines that include:

  • Covering your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing and washing hands afterward
  • Wearing a mask if you have a respiratory illness and avoid going to crowded places
  • Wash hands frequently after touching public objects such as door knobs
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth before hand washing can occur

Proper hand washing can be key to preventing the flu and colds. Contaminated hands play a significant role in the transmission of a variety of diseases including hepatitis A, meningitis, influenza and gastrointestinal infections.

Vaccinations are another effective way to prevent many of the illnesses. Getting your flu shot is the best way to reduce your risk of catching the flu and meningitis vaccines can save lives. As part of UNC's efforts to reduce influenza and meningitis on campus, the Student Health Center will be offering flu and meningitis vaccines throughout the year and it's never too late to vaccinate!

UNC Faculty, staff and students all have a personal responsibility to contribute to a safe and healthy campus. By following preventive measures, YOU can make a positive impact in preventing illness.

Share Your UNC Story - Celebrate 125 Years of History

Your experiences are a vital piece of UNC's history and are what make the university's 125th anniversary worth celebrating. As we look forward to the next 125 years, help preserve the things that have made your time at UNC special using this convenient online form. Share your story so it's part of our narrative for generations to come.

Reminder to Faculty, Staff, Students Who Conduct Research

It's the policy of the University of Northern Colorado that research involving human subjects must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (see University Regulation 3-8-104). This policy applies to UNC faculty, students and staff. The major responsibility for maintaining ethical standards and protecting human rights rests with individual researchers and research advisors.

The Institutional Review Board offers an added measure of assurance and serves as a local resource for the interpretation of ethical guidelines. You can read more about UNC policy governing research with human beings on the Office of Research website.

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