UNC Today: Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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Banner, Ursa Unavailable Saturday Morning

Banner and Ursa will be unavailable 5 a.m.- noon Saturday, Aug. 16, due to scheduled maintenance. For more information, contact Technical Support at 970-351-4357.

Summer Grades Due Today

Faculty who taught summer session courses are reminded that the deadline for submitting final grades is 5 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 13. If you have any questions, contact Michelle Heiny in the Registrar's Office at 351-1839.

Grades submitted after the deadline will negatively affect:

  • Academic standing
  • Conferral of degrees
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for Title IV Financial Aid
  • Grade Replacement
  • Release of Official Academic Transcripts

Grade explanations and instructions for assigning final grades, are available at http://www.unco.edu/regrec/FacultyStaff/Grades.html. For technical support when submitting grades in Ursa, contact the Technical Support Center at 351-4357 or http://help.unco.edu.


  • A last date of attendance (last date of a student's last "academic-related activity") is required for the submission of "F" or "U" grades and is necessary to ensure that any student receiving a failing grade actually attended the class per U.S. Department of Education guidelines (34 CFR 668.22).
  • A grade of "UW" indicates an unauthorized withdrawal and is assigned only when the student has never attended the class for which they were enrolled.
  • At the discretion of the instructor, a temporary grade of Incomplete - "I" may be given to a student who demonstrates that he/she could not complete the requirements of the course due to circumstances beyond the student's control and not reasonably foreseeable. A student must be passing a course at the time that an Incomplete is requested unless the instructor determines that there are extenuating circumstances to assign an Incomplete to a student who is not passing the course.
  • Please remember to never share your passwords for any reason. Providing your Ursa password gives others access to many other things you have access to such as your pay information, email, etc. Sharing passwords is a violation of the University Regulations. If you need access you do not currently have, please call the Technical Support Center at 970-351-4357.

Crane Working at Lawrenson Thursday

A large crane will be used Thursday, Aug. 14, to hoist equipment onto the roof of Lawrenson Hall, requiring the closure of F-Lot for the day. Please be aware and cautious when traveling in the vicinity.

IMT Response to Media Reports of 1.2 Billion Stolen Passwords

UNC's IMT Security team has no evidence that any UNC users' UNC passwords were among the 1.2 billion stolen by a ring of Russian hackers, as reported last week my many media outlets. The security company that reported the incident hasn't divulged the names of websites from which user account info was obtained, so it's possible that other websites you've visited have been compromised. Here's some advice on what you can do given the lack of specific information about this incident. Continue Reading.

UNC’s Culinary Team Part of Unique Denver Event

UNC Executive Chef Aran Essig has been selected to help prepare a dinner that will honor some of the most accomplished chefs in the United States Saturday, Aug. 16, at the Governor's Mansion in Denver.

Two dozen Certified Master Chefs, the highest designation available from the American Culinary Federation, are expected for the event, part of the first-ever reunion of the 68 master chefs now working throughout the U.S.

Essig and 15 other Colorado chefs will prepare signature recipes of the master chefs for the dining enjoyment of the general public.

Tickets, which cost $75 per person, are available here or by calling 303- 222-0057. Proceeds benefit the Governor's Mansion Preservation Fund and the American Culinary Federation Colorado Chefs Association's education fund.

UNC unit chefs Ron Bennett (Catering), Daniel Senn (Tobey-Kendel) and Jason Kearns (Holmes) will accompany Essig, who will collaborate with master chef Daniel Dumont to make Dumont's signature recipe for apple fritters.

For more information, visit the event's website.

Move-In Volunteers Sought

Housing and Residential Education seeks volunteers to staff move-in information tents and help families and students move their belongings into residence halls on Move-In Day, Thursday, Aug. 21. Two-hour shifts are available performing the following duties:

Move-In Tents
This is suggested for faculty and staff who can help at the five information tents across campus. You'll be handing out campus maps, providing information and guiding families on where to park and unload as they move into the halls. Tent locations and more information will be emailed the week prior to Move-In Day. Sign up online.

Move-In Assistance
This is suggested for anyone who would like to assist families and students carry and move things into their rooms. More information, including expectations and location assignments will be emailed the week prior.

Groups such as Greek Life, Athletics, Ambassadors, etc., should list a lead contact and approximately how many people will be assisting with move-in. Sign up online. Please note that all volunteers are expected to assist families and students carry and move things into their rooms.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Shannon Mulqueen.

Jazz Journeys

In a journey that's taken him from Steamboat Springs High School to UNC, then to Africa, then to a stint as a professional musician and finally back to UNC, Kenyon Brenner has followed his love for jazz.

After graduating from high school, Brenner started his undergraduate studies at UNC in 2007.

"I wanted to study at the best place possible and staying in-state was a great bonus, so I came here," he said.

Brenner started his jazz studies in middle school as a percussion student, but "saxophonists looked like they were having a lot more fun, so I switched to saxophone," he said.

From there, he began attending jazz camps, where listening to recordings from professional saxophonists accelerated his interests in the genre.

That was about 14 years ago. Since then, Brenner has grown in both skill and experience.

"There are so many great jazz musicians at UNC that I was able to build a lot of great musical relationships and perform with a lot of people who helped me get better," he said, "I think that instructors here are a really well-rounded team. They all bring something different to the table and by working with all of them separately, I received a really comprehensive jazz education."

As an undergraduate, Brenner won the College of Performing and Visual Arts' Freshman Scholar Award, noting that compliments may come often, but the love for what you do is a great motivator to improve.

It was that continuing passion for jazz that led Brenner to Ghana, Africa. He joined the Study Abroad Program and found himself surrounded by rhythms and traditions that were both familiar and eye-opening.

"Jazz started in New Orleans, that's the birthplace, it came out of two styles of music, ragtime and blues," Brenner said, "Most of the people who were blues musicians, blues people, were slaves who came from West Africa. I thought that by going back there and studying those rhythms and studying their tradition of music, I could gain a better understanding and a better ability to play jazz music,"

In Africa, Brenner studied African hand drumming as well as African rhythms and dancing.

With his diverse musical skills that include the Jambay and Kpanlogo African drums, the saxophone and electric saxophone, and with his degree from UNC, Brenner was in demand soon after earning his bachelor's degree.

He became part of a band on the Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Epic and Jade cruise ships. Then he accepted a position as a saxophonist in the Glenn Miller Orchestra, touring the U.S. and Canada in a bus for 10 months.

He returned to UNC last year to pursue his master's in Jazz Studies with an emphasis in composition, a choice he said stems from his success and experience as an undergrad.

"If there's anything that I could say that would really summarize UNC in my opinion, I just think that it's the best jazz school around and we're all very lucky to have it in Colorado," he said."I would encourage any jazz student on any instrument to come and study here."

Of Note
Brenner's composition titled "Pensitivity" won a 2014 Graduate Student Jazz Composition Award from Downbeat magazine. Listen to it at http://www.kenyonbrenner.com/live/

Brenner will play at the Kress Cinema and Lounge in Greeley Aug. 14 and 28, and Sept. 22 at Dazzle in Denver.

Kenyon Brenner playing at the Kress Theatre

Kenyon Brenner plays his saxophone during a recent performance at the Kress Cinema and Lounge in Greeley.

Photo by Morgan Alexander

Parking Lot Closures for Aug. 8-16

Repair and maintenance work on campus parking lots and lot entrances continues Aug. 8-16, requiring drivers to use alternate parking and entrance detours per the following schedule:

Friday, Aug. 8

  • D-Lot: Closed
  • E-Lot: Closed

Saturday, Aug. 9

  • 14th Avenue at L-Lot Drive: Closed
  • D-Lot: Closed
  • E-Lot: Closed

Sunday, Aug. 10

  • Ze-Lot: Closed
  • D-Lot: Closed
  • E-Lot: Closed

Monday, Aug. 11

  • 14th Avenue at M-Lot: Closed
  • Arlington Lot: Closed

Tuesday, Aug. 12

  • Alles Drive at M-Lot: Closed
  • 14th Avenue at L-Lot: Closed

Wednesday, Aug. 13

  • P-Lot: Closed (from the drive lane north)
  • 14th Avenue at M-Lot: Closed
  • Holmes Service Parking: Closed

Thursday, Aug. 14

  • Parsons South: Closed
  • Alles Dr. at M-Lot: Closed

Friday, Aug. 15

  • P-Lot South: Closed (north gates to be opened)

Saturday, Aug. 16

  • L-Lot: Closed

For alternate parking, visit the UNC Parking Lot map.

Please contact Parking Services at 970-351-1971 if you have any questions.

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