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In His Words: A Veteran’s Story

In this slideshow, UNC senior and military veteran Thomas Gardiner narrates his story from learning to speak and write Arabic before serving in Iraq, to transitioning to UNC as a college student, to working with Veterans Services on campus and using art as an avenue for outward expression. He's also organizing a campus art show and sale that features works by military veterans. Continue Reading

President Provides More Info on Athletics Department Transition

President Kay Norton yesterday (June 24) provided Athletics Department staff and coaches additional information about how the university is moving forward during the transition period in the department via the following email message:

Dear Colleagues,

I appreciated the opportunity to talk with many of you recently about working through this important transition time together. As I shared at the meeting, I see two main issues for us to address. First, I want to make sure you have the necessary support for managing the day-to-day operations of the Athletics Department during the transition. Then we are going to take time to consider what type of leadership we need for Athletics at UNC and develop a job description and leadership profile tailored to our specific needs. We're going to be thoughtful about how we do the search and take whatever time is needed to do it well.

I am writing to you now to follow up on my promise to provide more detail about interim responsibilities for daily operations. As you may know, I asked Dan Weaver, in his role as a special assistant to me, to facilitate the discussions about interim responsibilities. He has talked at length with the Associate and Assistant ADs, and he and I met with the head coaches last week. As a result of those discussions, we have a plan for how to move forward.

As I mentioned when I met with you, I understand that there are several vacant positions in Athletics, and I am open to making hires when the functions have been considered from a university perspective and the roles are clearly defined. With the recent departure of Rawley Klingsmith, we will be making Tracy Damrell the Director of Sports Medicine, who will continue to oversee sports performance and equipment. We are also in the process of filling the Facilities and Events position. In addition, we will bring in someone during the interim to assist with day-to-day business operations while we consider how best to staff Athletics business operations in the long-term.

I have asked several administrative staff members to take on additional responsibilities during the interim, particularly in regard to sports supervision, and they have graciously agreed. To make this work, we are also temporarily reassigning some duties. In addition, we will be looking for ways to streamline processes so they are both more effective and less onerous. For example, each sport supervisor will now have signature authority for his or her respective sports.

Sarah Adams, Associate AD for Compliance and Student-Athlete Support Services, will serve in the role of Senior Women's Administrator. She will also supervise Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Swimming and Diving, Softball, and Track and Field. She will continue to handle financial aid and scholarships and oversee the compliance functions. Assistant Director of Compliance Dan Scheid will take on some of Sara's duties during the interim.

Kristi Watson, Assistant AD for Business and Financial Operations, will continue to manage the business and finance operations and will supervise Men's and Women's Golf, and Men's and Women's Tennis. As mentioned above, we will also have an interim staff member to assist Kristi with the business operations.

Jimmy Henderson, Associate AD for Academic Success, will continue to oversee academic success and will supervise Baseball, Wrestling and Soccer. Assistant Director of Academic Success Michael Kallsen will take on some of Jimmy's academic success duties during the interim.

I have asked Dan Weaver and Milan Larson, Associate Professor of Management and Chair of the Management Department in the Monfort College of Business, to assist me with my interim responsibilities for Athletics. Dan will manage the day-to-day operational issues, and Milan will help us think about the big-picture leadership issues. Dan will also supervise Football and Men's Basketball.

In addition, two other members of my executive staff will take on some Athletics responsibilities during the interim. Vice President for University Relations Chuck Leonhardt will oversee Athletics Sales, Marketing and Communications, and Vice President for University Development and Alumni Relations Vicki Gorrell will oversee Athletics Corporate Sponsorships. This will help us better connect these functions to similar functions throughout the university.

I have taken on the responsibility for Athletics during the interim because I believe this is important and meaningful work. I have great confidence in your ability and commitment to advancing Athletics at UNC, and I look forward to working with you.



UNC Professor Co-Editor of New Book on Bats

University of Northern Colorado Professor Rick Adams is co-editor of a new book on bat evolution, ecology and conservation that's scheduled to be released July 31.

The graduate-level book includes previously unpublished manuscripts and contributions from 57 authors worldwide covering the complex world of the elusive mammals. The authors offer new perspectives on bat biology, including white-nose syndrome and the state of global bat populations.

Bat Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation, published by Springer Publishing, will be of interest to students, professional biologists, wildlife managers, conservationists, educators, environmental consultants, and anyone else interested in the broad and rich array of topics.

Adams, author of the award-winning book Bats of the Rocky Mountain West, conducts research in mammalian ecology, focusing on the evolution and ecology of bats. He's also co-authored two books on bat ecology and contributed numerous articles on the subject to scientific journals. He earned his master's and doctorate degrees from the University of Colorado.

For more information on Adams and his research, visit Biological Sciences' website.

Importance of Bats to Global Ecosystems

  • They compose 22 percent of all living mammal species.
  • They're important components of ecosystems worldwide.
  • There are 45 species in North America, with the majority occurring in the western portion of continent.
  • There are 18 species in Colorado.
  • They consume metric tons of insects every night including mosquitoes and agricultural pests.
  • The cost of loss of bats just in terms of agriculture is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year.
  • Bats in the western United States are primary pollinators for saguaro and organ pipe cactus that are keystone species in the region.
  • They are important as conduits of energy and nutrients into cave, mine and cliff-crevice ecosystems that house some of the most unique biodiversity on earth.
  • Bats are important components of food webs, acting as prey for many other predator species such as owls and other raptors as well as mammalian and reptilian carnivores that prey on them in their roost sites.
  • They are important indicators of ecosystem health and declines in their populations signal eventual declines in many other species they share habitats with.

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Faculty, Staff Invited to Tonight’s Alumni Association After-Work Gathering

Join UNC alumni, faculty and staff, and friends tonight in Fort Collins' Old Town for the Young Alumni Council Networking and Mentoring Committee's first after-work gathering from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Tony's Bar and Rooftop.

This happy-hour gathering marks the committee's first "Bears and Brews" event and will include the opportunity to meet, mingle and network with other UNC alumni and friends (guests are welcome).
Registration is free of charge, and the first 20 alumni to register will receive a complementary UNC alumni T-shirt upon arrival at the event.

Be sure to bring your business cards and your Bear Pride.

For more information, visit the Alumni Association's website.

Mobile App Guidelines Available

Departments considering purchasing or developing a UNC-branded mobile app now have guidelines to direct their efforts. The guidelines include a request for review of the app to ensure it meets university standards. Read or download the mobile apps guidelines here.

Cashier's Office Year-End Notices and Deadlines

In order to meet end-of-fiscal year deadlines, please submit all fiscal year 2013 departmental deposits that involve university cash, credit card or check payments to the Cashier's Office no later than Wednesday, June 26.

Deposits received June 26-30 can still be credited to FY2013, since both FY13 and FY14 will be open simultaneously for a few days in early July.

So that funds are assigned properly, be sure to indicate on all of your submissions July 1-10 which fiscal year to use.

Touchnet, the online payment system for student bills, will be unavailable from 8 p.m. June 26 until 4 a.m. Monday, July 1, to allow the processing of online payments for the June 30 close of the fiscal year.

During this period, payments toward student accounts will still be taken over the phone at 351-2201 or in person at the Cashier's Office on the main floor of Carter Hall.

Anyone with questions or concerns about making payments on time can call the Cashier's Office for help.

Doctoral Student Seeks Youths for Free Hearing Tests

Leann Johnson, a student in the Audiology doctoral program, seeks youths ages 10-15 to receive free hearing tests for her dissertation research project. Tests will be conducted in the Audiology Clinic in Gunter Hall by appointment. For more information or to schedule a test, contact Johnson at 970-716-0447 or leann.johnson.research@gmail.com.

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