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UNC Experience Leads to Mars Mission

When Stuart Spath attended the University of Northern Colorado's Frontiers of Science Institute in 1982, he knew he wanted to be an engineer. He didn't know, though, that 30 years later he'd be managing the next phase in NASA's exploration of Mars. Continue Reading

Allow Extra Time for Accounts Payable Processing as End of Fiscal Year Nears

As the end of the fiscal year approaches, the volume of payments and reimbursements increases and there may be cases when payments will take a few extra days for processing either because of additional monitoring for year-end expenses or due to an increased volume of transactions.

To help avoid unnecessary delays, please review your payment requests and reimbursements, making sure all documentation, signatures and special approvals are attached before routing/sending to Accounts Payable.

Payments made by check request, purchase order or travel reimbursement for goods, services or travel received or completed by June 30 are due in Accounts Payable by noon on Friday, July 5.

Please be sure that items, services or travel to be paid have been received or completed on or before June 30 when submitting any payment requests for fiscal year 2012-13.

Since DPO's are no longer used, please use the rubber stamp "received by" in the description part of the check request or PO invoice when you are submitting payments through Xtender. If you are not using Xtender, you will need to write "received by, your name and the date the merchandise was received and send to AP.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Terri Thomas at 351-1836 or Cristal Swain at 351-2472.

Fiscal Year-End Accounts Payable Deadlines

Friday, July 5, is the deadline for submitting check request, purchase order or travel reimbursement payments to Accounts Payable for fiscal year 2012-13 for goods, services and travel received by June 30. Please be sure that items, services or travel to be paid have been received or completed on or before June 30 when submitting any payment requests for fiscal year 2012-13.

Roofing Projects at Ross, Lawrenson Will Cause Odors, Noise

The south wing of Ross Hall and Lawrenson Hall will undergo re-roofing operations beginning Friday, June 14, and lasting through the summer. Removal of a large amount of rock ballast from Ross Hall's roof will create short periods of noise in the mornings. Additionally, occupants and passersby of both buildings may notice unusual smells associated with products being used in the re-roofing process. Although the products are classified as "no-smell" and measures will be taken to reduce fumes entering the buildings, occupants will most likely notice the odors, which are completely normal for this type of project.

FY13 Bear Logic Purchasing Deadlines

The last day to order computers, tablets and related accessories not in stock to be received in fiscal year 13 is Friday, June 14. All in-stock items can be ordered through Friday, June 28. Pcard charges made after June 20 will not be charged against FY13.

Please note that Bear Logic staff will do their best to ensure your items are received by year end, but they can't guarantee shipments of orders made this close to year end.

For questions, please contact Jennifer Rasmuson, 970-351-1535.

Internal Administrative Position Opportunity

The MAST Institute and the Office of Research have an internal job opening for a budget contracting coordinator. For details and to apply, go to Human Resources' website.

UNC Trustees Approve 2013-14 Budget

The University of Northern Colorado Board of Trustees approved the 2013-14 budget and a new master's degree in Business Administration at a regularly scheduled meeting June 7 in the Panorama Room at the University Center.

The budget includes pricing and institutional financial aid for the next year. Resident undergraduate tuition will increase 5 percent ($284/year) while resident graduate tuition will increase up to 4 percent, and room and board by about 3 percent.

As in years past, the university will use 25 percent of new undergraduate and 30 percent of new graduate tuition revenue to increase institutional financial aid. The budget includes $17 million in institutional aid for low- and middle-income students.

Room rates will continue to fall into one of six tiers, based on the residence hall's amenities. Tier 1 prices will be reduced by $114 ($4,800/year) and Tier 6 will be $6,522 for freshmen. Returning residence hall students will be offered a discounted rate.

UNC considers a number of factors when setting rates, including prices of competitors, investments aligning with university planning to provide quality education to students, and students' willingness and ability to pay while taking into account the availability of financial aid.

Over the past five years, UNC's tuition increased $1,522 while the average increase at the state's other research universities was $2,466.

Costs of attendance will be updated in the coming days at: www.unco.edu/costs/fy14

As part of the multiyear planning, UNC will continue to progress on its goal identified in its compensation identity plan to offer competitive and fair compensation, which includes moving toward 90 percent of the average salaries of university peers by 2016-17, to recruit and retain employees. The budget includes a 2-percent salary increase for faculty and exempt staff (classified staff increases are set by the state) and a 3-percent pool available to address parity.

The budget also includes $14 million in capital and deferred maintenance projects that will be covered by university reserves. One project will update Butler-Hancock Hall, site of indoor commencement ceremonies and sporting events, with air conditioning.

In other news:

  • Trustees approved the MBA program, which will be offered at the Centerra center. The program, which includes online instruction, is unique in that it provides flexibility for the working professional by allowing 2-5 years for completion. The MBA will begin in summer 2014.
  • Trustees approved Faculty Senate changes to the board policy manual to extend the "tenure clock" for events such as birth or adoption of a child, serious personal for family health conditions, death of a family member or catastrophic damage to residential property. Other senate changes approved address degree requirement completion time periods for new hires within academic ranks and updated language to the academic appeals process to be more efficient.
  • UNC was presented with a certificate of special recognition by Sen. Mark Udall's office for 100 years of graduate education. For more information on the anniversary, including stories submitted by graduates, visit http://www.unco.edu/grad/grad100/
  • Provost Robbyn Wacker announced faculty earning promotions and tenure along with faculty being recognized with emeritus status.

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