UNC Today: Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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UNC Receives $6.4 Million in Grant Awards for 65 Projects in FY13

University of Northern Colorado researchers collectively received $6.4 million in grant funding during 2012-13.

The funding supports 65 new and ongoing projects, including from:

The National Endowment for the Arts award to support research of student movement and professional development for K-12 teachers through the Center for Integrated Arts Education.

• The National Endowment for the Humanities awarded for a Summer Seminar for School Teachers for four weeks last June in Eastern Europe.

The U.S. Department of Education on separate awards to provide specialized training in critical areas to boost both the quality and quantity of teachers of students with disabilities.

The National Science Foundation for separate projects on recruiting and retaining women in geosciences; and acquiring geophysics instruments for archaeological research and training.

The American Chemical Society to explore the next generation of efficient lighting, which could result in more affordable, longer-lasting options for light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, in the future.

For the complete list, download a PDF of the Office of Sponsored Programs report at http://www.unco.edu/osp/reports/FY13/AwardNarrative.pdf. For awards through the years, visit http://www.unco.edu/osp/reports/history.html

Payday is Nov. 29

Payday this month is Friday, Nov. 29, which is a scheduled holiday for the university, and the Payroll Office will be closed. If you don't have direct deposit set up and need your check prior to Monday, Dec 2, contact the Payroll Office at 970-351-2700 or in Carter 2005. As a reminder, UNC's scheduled holiday pay policy is:

If a payday falls on a university-scheduled holiday which is not also a bank holiday, direct deposits will be processed for the normal payday. Paycheck pickup will be scheduled during a brief time period prior to the university holiday.

Please share this information with staff who don't have regular access to email.

Top Undergraduate Researchers Present Tomorrow

The Office of Undergraduate Research invites the university community to attend the Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 7, the University Center's Columbine B room.

The seven selected undergraduate students with outstanding research projects who will be competing to present at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research April 3-5 at the University of Kentucky are:

  • Ana Caudillo - "Serine Proteases in the Venom of the Yucatan Rattlesnake" - Faculty mentor: Steve Mackessy, Biology
  • Rachel Stice - "What Fosters a Successful Resident Assistant? A Qualitative Study on Resident Assistant's Development of Self-Authorship" - Faculty mentor: Matthew Birnbaum, Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership
  • Jennifer Wright - "Reconstructing activity patterns at Epidamus, Albania: Impacts of Greek and Roman Colonization" - Faculty mentor: Britney McIlvaine, Anthropology
  • Austin Seeley - "Experiences of Fire Survivors: What Factors Predict Resilience?" - Faculty mentor: Nancy Karlin, Psychology
  • Sara Harvey - "The Wren Upon her Nest: Gendering Language in Emily Dickinson's Master Letters" - Faculty mentor: Kristin Bovaird-Abbo, English
  • Carlos Cruz - "Retention and Persistence in Underrepresented Students in Multicultural Greek Life: A Case Study" - Faculty mentor: Gabriel Serna, Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership
  • Kelsey Eickelman - "Individuality in Canyon Wren Birdsong" - Faculty mentor: Lauryn Benedict, Biology

Each student will summarize their research during a 10-minute presentation to a panel of judges, who will then have five minutes to ask questions about the project. The three top presenters will be eligible to apply to present at the national conference, with UNC paying their expenses.

For more information, visit the OUR website.

Advisors, Be Aware of Federal Financial Aid Regulations

Federal regulations limit a student's eligibility for federal financial aid. For example, courses that are not needed for degree completion are usually not eligible for federal financial aid.

Be aware that students may have to return federal funds if they take classes not needed for degree completion including courses for elective minors.

Please advise students to review the regulations for federal financial aid eligibility before they register.

Please do not advise students to take "extra" courses in order to reach full-time status if the only reason to do so is for financial aid purposes.

Further information may be found at http://www.unco.edu/ofa/aid/maintaining/index.asp under "Satisfactory Academic Progress."

Reminder: Colorado Combined Campaign Chili Cook-Off Tomorrow

Visit with local charities and members of the UNC community while you eat a variety of homemade chili and freshly-baked cinnamon rolls for $5 during he ninth annual Colorado Combined Campaign Chili Cook-Off from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. tomorrow, Nov. 7, in the University Center ballrooms. Trophies will be awarded for the most unique, best green and best red chili.

Blackboard Tip of the Month: UNC's Virtual Classroom Tool

Blackboard Collaborate enables you to hold synchronous sessions - like a webinar or virtual office hours - in your online or hybrid courses. It's available in your Blackboard course now. For more information, visit the Blackboard Tips Page.

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