Pop-Up IEP

9. "We don’t have a full time school nurse."

What is the issue?

Small districts and those in rural areas may need to contract with agencies or neighboring areas that have more resources to consult with the IEP team and school staff in designing appropriate services and supports for students with health care issues. Not having a full time school nurse does not relieve school staff from the obligation to develop services and supports for students with special health care needs.

It is important, however, that a public health nurse or school nurse be included as a member of the IEP team for students with health care needs and participate in designing services, staff training and supports.

Here are possible responses:

“Until we develop Alice’s IEP, we are not going to know how much nursing support she is going to need at school. We don’t expect all school staff to provide services, but we do expect that a health support plan will be developed and that Alice will receive what she needs so she can attend school.”

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