Pop-Up IEP

7. "First we’ll work on skills and then we’ll see if your child is ready for mainstreaming."

What are the issues?

The purpose of special education is to provide the “specially designed instruction,” services and supports that will allow children with significant support needs to receive benefit from their public school classes and activities. There is evidence to suggest that children and adults do better when they are instructed in natural settings where the skills are to be used. Students who require extra help, or individual attention should receive it. But parents and teachers need to take care when considering how and where individualized support is provided.

Here are possible responses:

“I want to make sure that Juan receives the individual instruction and reinforcement that he needs. I also want the IEP team to work with me to make sure that Juan is not held back or that he misses other opportunities to learn.”

“Juan may not have all the skills the other children have, but he can be a part of his general classroom with support. We can make learning those skills part of his IEP and his special education services. Besides, I am sure that there will be other children in Juan’s class who need to learn similar skills as well.”

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