Pop-Up IEP

4. "Your child can’t participate in academic classes if he can’t pass the state assessments."

What are the issues?

Virtually all federal and state education laws encourage schools to have high expectations for all students and require schools to provide equal opportunities for students to receive academic instruction. Students with disabilities have a right to access the general curriculum. In order for that access to be meaningful, parents and IEP teams should work with general education teachers to identify those areas of the curriculum that can be incorporated into the student’s IEP and then provide modifications and accommodations through special education services.

Here are possible responses:

“It’s absolutely essential that Eric be provided with good instruction in a variety of academic classes in order to meet his IEP goals. We want him to have the same opportunities to learn as all other students at this school, whether he is able to pass the end-of-year assessment or not.”

“We know that we and Eric’s IEP team can determine if Eric will take the regular state assessments or an alternate assessment. Maybe Eric will not reach all the course requirement for this class, but alternate achievement standards for Eric should not get in the way of him learning.”

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