Pop-Up IEP

14. "We just don’t have the money for technology."

What is the issue?

It’s true that school districts are often struggling with budget concerns. However, making sure that the public schools get the money they need is a shared responsibility for the entire community. This is your child’s IEP Meeting and you have a right to focus the meeting on developing an effective special education program that will meet your child’s needs.

Possible responses are:

“I appreciate the fact that providing Lee with a modified computer and software could be expensive. However, learning to use these devices and gaining access to curriculum using adapted software is critical to Lee’s learning and to his future. We will work with you to identify possible sources of assistance, but our responsibility is to make sure that Lee’s IEP accurately reflects what he needs. We can’t end the conversation because of money.”

“There are many sources of possible funding for both hardware and accessible software. But this meeting is not about money. This meeting is about Lee’s ability to benefit from school and about preparing him for the future.”

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