Pop-Up IEP

13. "Our district doesn’t put technology into the IEP."

What are the issues?

This statement is incorrect. The law provides for technology services as part of students’ special education programs. What this kind of statement may indicate is that the IEP members are not certain what type of technology is available, how to get it, or how to use it. For students with significant communication, sensory, cognitive, or physical disabilities, the use of technology to assist teaching and learning can make the difference between accessing genuine opportunities for literacy and academics and a school day that is limited to low level functional or “practice” activities.

Possible responses are:

“I am sorry, but Marc needs to have a Touch Talker to communicate with others. My concern if we do not write this into the IEP is that he will not get it. If you would like information on where you can find this for Marc, I have it at home and can call you with the information.”

“If we don’t write this into the IEP, then my concern is that Marc will not get this keyboard. He needs this keyboard for middle school. We did a trial run with it at his former school last year and Marc improved wonderfully in his writing skills.”

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