What do you do when...

The "What Do You Do When…" Tutorial Series is a self-paced collection of tutorials created by instructional leaders working in the fields of severe and sensory disabilities. The tutorials are designed to familiarize teachers with research-based and promising practices that facilitate the inclusion of students who are visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, deaf-blind, or who have severe disabilities into various educational environments. Included within the tutorials are resources and activities designed to support learning.

Inclusive Physical Education Tutorial:

  • The first of this series is called The Physical Education Tutorial. This tutorial teaches educators how to include students with visual impairments into general physical education classes.

School Administrators and A student With Vision Impairment:

Literacy for Students with Severe and Sensory Disabilities tutorial:


NCSSD will continue to expand the "What Do You do When…" Tutorial Series to address the core academic areas of science as well as math and reading and to address the expanded core curriculum areas needed by children with severe and sensory disabilities. Examples of topics we may include are: alternative or functional academic skills, including communication and literacy modes; use of assistive technology; recreation and leisure skills; social skill development; self-determination/self advocacy; independent living skills; transition planning/career education; and family skill development. If you have an interest in participating in the development of a tutorial in the series, please contact kay.ferrell@unco.edu.