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As a result of inclusive educational practices and legislation, it is critical that individuals involved in the lives of children and youth with severe and sensory disabilities have easy access to training and information to effectively promote their success. NCSSD serves as a single collective source for training and information that increases the capacity of professionals and families who serve children and youth with severe and sensory disabilities.

Writings by Dr. Kay Ferrell:
Questions to ask about preschool and early intervention services for children
who are blind or visually impaired. Click here...
Presentations by NCSSD Staff, Affiliates and Associates
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Statistical Fact Sheet
To review statistics in the areas of education, employment and community access for students with low-incidence disabilities (i.e., students with sensory disabilities or those with significant support needs) Click here...
Conversations of Interest
NCSSD has conducted several interviews asking professionals and parents in the field to discuss issues relative to low-incidence disabilities.
Dr. Dean Tuttle, former Professor in the Special Education Department
at the University of Northern Colorado

Dr. Sandy Bowen, Associate Professor in the Special Education Department
at the University of Northern Colorado

Dr. Terri Ward, Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
at the College of Saint Rose
Professional Development
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Pop-up IEPs
A resource to help teachers, parents, and administrators come to grips with the often tricky problems of IEP. Click here...
NCSSD designed this comprehensive website to inform and guide the user on becoming an educator of students with severe and sensory disabilities. Visit TeachSSD at
The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Tutorial.
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OSEP Ideas that Work: Tool Kit on Universal Design for Learning
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Educational Quality Through Universal Instruction Principles EQUIP Project
The University of Northern Colorado and Aims Community College collaborated to bring Universal Design for Instruction (UDI) into their online and traditional classrooms. This project provided faculty with the tools and support necessary to create instruction consistent with the principles of UDI enhancing the quality of education for all students. Click here...
Creating Accessible Web Sites Tutorial
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The "What Do You Do When...." Tutorial Series
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Issue Statements