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Professional Development Opportunities

NCSSD offers preservice and inservice training in several formats including university coursework, online tutorials, and conference presentations. The Center works collaboratively to develop training and course offerings through UNC's extended studies programs.

Online Courses
NCSSD's for-credit online coursework addresses academic core and expanded core curriculum. Coursework is also provided on online teaching strategies.
  • Phaedrus - One of the recurring challenges facing teachers today is making the transition from teaching in the classroom to teaching online. In Phaedrus, we help teachers successfully learn how to use the newest tools and techniques to create effective, engaging, and accessible educational experiences.
  • Deaf is Different - Examines the educational impacts and cultural perspectives of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Mathematics for Teachers - Teachers of students with sensory disabilities will have the opportunity to improve upon their knowledge and skills for selecting, adapting, and implementing math content standards by gaining a more detailed understanding of the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics as defined by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  • Science as Inquiry - Teachers will have the opportunity to improve upon their knowledge and skills for selecting, adapting, and implementing science content standards.
In addition to instructor-led classes, NCSSD has established a set of self-paced tutorials.
  • Accessible websites. Often, web designers inadvertantly create structures or use techniques that are inaccessible to individuals with blindness and visual impairment. Our tutorial explains how to take a visual medium and make it accessible.
  • Universal Design for Learning - An NCSSD collaborative project that examines the concept of Universal Design (UD), its history, and fundamental principles. Examples of UD and UDL in practice within education and life are provided.
  • What do you do when? The "What do I do when..." Tutorial Series is a self-paced collection of tutorials created by instructional leaders working in the fields or severe and sensory disabilities. The tutorials are designed to familiarize educators with research-based and promising practices that facilitate the inclusion of students who are visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, or who have severe disabilities in general education environments.
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