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Creating Accessible Web Sites Tutorial

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Curb Cuts Currently Being Cut

Thus far we have addressed how to use the tools at your disposal to make your web site accessible. By now you're probably thinking that we've not even touched on the neat-o technology many designers love to use on their web sites, such as spiffy Java effects, Flash, and other hot technologies. In this section we'll focus on the technologies that are in process of becoming more accessible. The companies or organizations behind these technologies are focusing energy on ensuring their products are accessible, but as of yet they are not 100% accessible or require some creative treatment.

  • PDF (portable document file) - from Adobe
  • CSS2 - the second level of CSS with some wonderful features that aren't fully implemented
  • Flash - the animation software from Macromedia

(Curb cuts: You know, the places where areas of a curb are cut out on sidewalks, driveways, etc., that allow travelers on wheels to move from one terrain to another. All the techniques covered in this tutorial are electronic curb cuts that allow disabled users to move across different cyber terrains.)

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