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Creating Accessible Web Sites Tutorial

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D is for Descriptive

We've covered simple graphics, or graphics with content that's rather simple to describe in a basic alt tag. However, some graphics have very rich content and need more than a little ol' alt tag. The technique for handling these is rather simple - it's a [D] link. This technique gets its name from the "D" you may see on some websites that is a link to an extensive description of the graphic. In it's most common application (when it does get applied), you may see the following.

National Center for Low-Incidence Disabilities Virtual Campus[D]

Placed right on the page is the letter D in brackets, and the D links to an HTML page with a text-only description of the content-rich graphic. Click on the D above to see how this works in its usual implementation. In this case, the logo for the academic program is rather rich in content that a blind user might appreciate knowing.

Applying this technique is quite simple . . . you just create a separate page with a description of the graphic, put a capital D on your web page next to the content-rich graphic, and link the "D" to your descriptive page.

But let's put a good spin on this technique . . .

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