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1995-2006 Graduate & Enrollment Survey Data
for Personnel Preparation in Visual Disabilities


Customized Data Requests

Suggestions for additional analyses or a different arrangement of the data are welcome
and should be directed to

Comments on the Enrollment Survey

These data on programs, enrollments, and completers are based on information voluntarily provided by the institutions themselves. Every effort has been made to encourage participation, but it is not always possible to obtain everyone's response, for a variety of reasons. These data should therefore be considered an underestimate of the number of new personnel produced each year.

Data for 2002-03 are not provided in the multi-year summaries, because the return rate (58%) was considered too low an underestimate to publish.

Five respondents neglected to identify themselves in the 2003-04 survey (although 4 indicated that they had no students enrolled), so that year's "results" should be considered preliminary until (hopefully) the institutions identify themselves.

Prior Year Data Submission

If you have data for previous years that was not submitted it is not too late! Click the link below to download the directions (in html format) and a copy of the form (as an Excel file) for the specific year that you have data to report, complete the form and fax to Kay Ferrell at 970-351-1061.

Download Directions

Download 2002-2003 Blind/Low Vision Survey

Download 2003-2004 Blind/Low Vision Survey

Download 2004-2005 Blind/Low Vision Survey

Download 2005-2006 Blind/Low Vision Survey


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