Pop-Up IEP

9. "Sorry, our school is not equipped with and does not have the money for the assistive technology your child needs."

Why is this statement problematic?

Many school districts are struggling with shrinking budgets. However, by law the school district must provide your child access to a free, appropriate public education (FAPE). This includes equal access to the same learning materials and activities as their sighted peers. Students needing specialized technology such as adapted computers with braille display, screen magnification, large print software, speech output or tactile graphics are entitled to these adaptations by law. The school district is responsible for the cost of the needed technology.

Possible Responses for Parents/Advocates

  1. “Joshua is currently unable to use the classroom computer. He must have the same opportunity to access the information and technology as his sighted peers. I would like to request an assistive technology evaluation so we can determine what his needs are and what technology could benefit him.”
  2. “Eva’s assistive technology evaluation identifies her technology needs and provides recommendations for specific programs/devices. We all want to give Eva the opportunity to keep up with her classmates. I would like the evaluation results to be included in her IEP, including the recommendation for training on the equipment for Eva and her classroom teacher.”
  3. “I can appreciate the dilemma that you face in these times of budget cuts, but we are here to focus on Bradley’s need for accessible classroom materials and we know that the law requires the school to provide that access. Bradley needs _____________ in order to keep up with his class and complete his work independently.”
  4. “It’s really a matter of prioritizing the money that the district does have, and for our conversation today, this isn’t about money, this is about equal access. Antonia needs adapted computer technology to work in the computer lab with the other students in her class.”

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