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About the College of Natural and Health Sciences

The College of Natural and Health Sciences provides academic preparation in the natural, health, human, and mathematical sciences. Offering programs at the baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral levels, the College’s 132 full-time faculty serve approximately 3,000 undergraduate and 550 graduate students.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is charged with review of faculty nominees and recommendation of recipients for the College Awards. The Awards Committee also recommends recipients for the Student Research Fund.


  • Teresa Higgins - Biological Sciences
  • Corina Brown - Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Emmett Evanoff - Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Deanna Meinke - Human Sciences
  • Anton Dzhamay - Mathematical Sciences
  • Katrina Einhellig - Nursing
  • Bob Walch - Physics and Astronomy
  • Scott Douglas - Sport and Exercise Science
  • Mark Smith, Chair - NHS Dean's Office
  • Rebecca Croissant - NHS Staff Representative

Curriculum Committee

College Curriculum Committee is charged with peer-review of program, course and curriculum materials and ensuring that proposed changes are consistent with college objectives and academic standards/integrity.


  • Judy Leatherman - Biological Sciences
  • Kui Chen - Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Cindy Shellito - Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Sue Gould - Human Sciences
  • Nate Eldredge - Mathematical Sciences
  • Lory Clukey - Nursing
  • Charles Kuehn - Physics and Astronomy
  • Jim Turk, Chair - Sport and Exercise Science
  • Kim Paxton - Administrative Support, NHS Dean's Office

Policies and Procedures Committee

The Policies and Procedures Committee is charged with the development and review of the college’s written policies, procedures and guidelines.


  • Mark Thomas - Biological Sciences
  • Richard Schwenz, Chair - Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Wendilyn Flynn - Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Don Finan - Human Sciences
  • Rob Powers - Mathematical Sciences
  • Jeanette McNeill - Nursing
  • Matthew Semak- Physics and Astronomy
  • Alan Morse - Sport and Exercise Science

Program Review Team

The College's Program Review Team (PRT) is charged with providing evaluative comments on annual program progress reports and comprehensive program review self-study reports.


  • Patrick Burns - Biological Sciences
  • Aichun Dong - Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Wendilyn Flynn - Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Joyce Weil - Human Sciences
  • Bill Blubaugh - Mathematical Sciences
  • Karen Hessler - Nursing
  • Ruwang Sung - Physics and Astronomy
  • Jeremy Smith - Sport and Exercise Science
  • Beckie Croissant - Administrative Support, NHS Dean's Office