First Nations

Our Mission

The Mission of The First Nations Student Organization is:First Nations

  • To promote Native American cultural awareness on campus and in the community.
  • To dispel negative stereotypes through cultural workshops, presentations, and programs.
  • To provide all students the opportunity to learn about Native American cultures, traditions, and heritages.
  • To provide Native American students a sense of belonging, pride, and identity.
  • To provide all students the opportunity to interact, learn, educate, and respect one another as a united organization.
  • To primarily provide support and encouragement of all student members to fulfill their educational endeavors.

Our History

During the late 1970's Native Americans had a group on campus at UNC, however this group disappeared in the mid 1980's. It was created again in 1993 with the help of MECCHA, Mike Salazaar, and the organizations advisor Sally McBeth. The People of the Great Spirit was the title that was chosen for the organization. The Native American Student Services was created in 1995. The People of the Great Spirit were eventually renamed The First Nations Student Organization. Home Button

First Nations Schedule for Fall 2014:

First Nations meets every Tuesday @ 6pm in the Kohl House. For more information contact their Advisor: Amanda Moberly.