Native American Student Organizations

Native American Fraternity:

AΔAM 2010 Men of The Red Earth

Members of this non-traditional fraternity will strive for excellence, brotherhood, leadership, and entrepreneurship. We look foward to recruiting more men to our organization.

Native American Sorority:

Omega Del Psi Sorority

Founded in 2006

Omega Delta Psi is a non-traditional sorority at the University of Northern Colorado

American Indian/Alaskan Native and Non-Native women work as a community to retain their identity while pursuing a college career.

Omega Delta Psi is committed to working with the university, in developing female leaders of tomorrow.

Open to all female students.

First Nations Organization

The first Native American student organization established in the late 1970s. Currently First Nations is created to help Native Americans and current students to understand the traditions, issues, and the history of the 600 tribes in the United States.

The group is comprised of UNC faculty and students, so please come join us for our events during the 2013-14 school year.

First Nations meets every Tuesday @ 6pm in the Kohl House. For more information contact the Advisor: Amanda Moberly


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