What are the eligibility criteria for participants?
To be accepted into the project, each applicant must be a certified Native American teacher or a certified teacher employed at a school with a significant number of Native American students and have at least one year of teaching or related school experience (counselor or school psychologist).

How long will it take me to get my Master’s Degree in this program?
The sequence of courses will allow participants to secure their degree within two years.

What if I already have a Master’s degree?
You can obtain an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree in the same time span (two years). The Ed.S. program is also 39 credit hours.

Are all of the courses taught online?
All courses in the project are taught online.

What kind of computer skills will I need to be successful in the program?
Participants will need to know how to use e-mail, including attaching documents to messages and have a general understanding of Microsoft Office applications, particularly Word.