French Club

The goal of French Club is to give Francophiles (people with a great interest in French, French Culture, etc.) a place outside of the classroom to interact. The club also provides a support system for members, whose abilities range from beginning French up to advanced levels, so it is a great place to get help. French Club also gives students a chance to interact with professors outside of the classroom, especially on excursions like the annual Immersion Weekend and the Denver Art Museum. From these excursions, members build relationships with professors that would not have been built from inside the classroom walls. 

Events and Activities

Throughout the spring semester of 2015, French Club and the Modern Languages Department will be hosting screenings of French films!

View the flyer and schedule here!

During the fall semester of 2013, the French Club went to see "Passport to Paris" at the Denver Art Museum, and dined at the restaurant Le Central for a culturally accurate French meal.

The club is in the process of planning an "Immersion Weekend" where the group will venture to Estes Park to speak only French, be immersed in French Culture and enjoy each other's company while experiencing a educational event. French Club is also planning for guest speakers to visit and share their expertise; Dr. Jacob Melish from the History department will be the first and will present on French History.

The club also entered the 2013 Vista Higher Learning Video Contest and the challenge was "Language Lives Inside." The video is entitled "Finding Culture." Watch the video here!

This academic year, the club has mostly focused on building relationships between members and Francophile community at UNC.

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President: Kristen Buchter
Faculty Advisor: Christine Moritz

News and Events