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Photo of the South Gate of the City Wall at Xi’an

Photo by Michelle Low
The South Gate of the City Wall at Xi’an

The Chinese Program at UNC stresses acquisition of the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in Mandarin Chinese. Classes at all levels are performance-oriented, geared toward oral and written proficiency in Chinese, and taught in Chinese. Students develop critical thinking skills as well as independent learning skills as they acquire familiarity with traditional and modern Chinese language, literature, culture, and civilization. Extra-curricular activities encourage cultural awareness and promote organizational and leadership skills.The Chinese Culture Club has been active in organizing and hosting the annual UNC Lunar New Year Celebration, and actively participates in campus-wide activities such as the annual Taste of A/PASS To find out more about the UNC Chinese Culture Club and be informed of its activities, join their group on Facebook.

Students can study elementary through advanced levels of Chinese at UNC and can supplement their study at UNC with several UNC exchange and study-abroad opportunities. Students can apply course work in Chinese to majors in Asian Studies, or International Affairs, or to minors in Chinese or Asian Studies. Graduates can pursue internships abroad to continue improving language skills and gain experience in areas such as business, education, or government work.

Students completing advanced level work in Chinese can pursue graduate study in Chinese, Asian Studies, Chinese History, International Affairs, or other related fields in which proficiency in Chinese language and culture are desired. Students who combine their language study with other fields such as business, political science, international trade and relations, economics, or anthropology, can become involved in careers in international business, world affairs and government, social work, or the arts.

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Students with no experience in Chinese should sign up for Chinese 101.

Students with some previous experience in Chinese should contact Dr. Michelle Low at (970) 351-1366 or via e-mail at:

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