Modern Languages offers courses in Chinese, French, German, and Japanese. Students may pursue a B.A. in Foreign Languages at UNC with an emphasis in either French or German. Both a liberal arts emphasis and an emphasis in secondary teaching are offered in each of the two languages. Foreign language students are actively involved outside class in extracurricular activities sponsored by the French Club and the German Club. Liberal arts and teaching majors in Spanish are also available at UNC through the Hispanic Studies department.

The Major in French

Students majoring in French at the University of Northern Colorado enjoy relatively small classes that ensure their success in acquiring an advanced level of proficiency in the language. The French Program also provides ample extracurricular opportunities to hone students’ skills. These include a weekly conversation hour in French, French Club activities, a French film series, and regularly scheduled immersion weekends in the nearby resort town of Estes Park. French majors also help plan and coordinate UNC’s World Language Day, which brings over 1,200 high school students and their teachers to campus, and have a variety of summer and semester opportunities for study abroad. A minor in French is also available.

The Major in German

The University of Northern Colorado’s German Program offers both a major and a minor, and, in the major, two different emphases: a secondary teaching emphasis for those who plan to teach German and a liberal arts emphasis for all others interested in the language. Students can expect small classes of no more than 25 students. In addition, students can practice their language skills in such extracurricular activities as a weekly conversation group, a German film series, a German soccer club, total-immersion hiking weekends, the Greeley Oktoberfest, and the production of a German-language radio program and newspaper. Another option available to students majoring in German is spending a year abroad at a German university.

Offerings in Chinese and Japanese

Students in Chinese and Japanese can enjoy relatively small classes with no more than 25 students in a section, and can gain elementary through advanced level of proficiency in Chinese, or can take elementary and intermediate levels of language classes in Japanese. Language courses in Chinese or Japanese can be supplemented with one of the many study-abroad and exchange programs to China, Japan, and Taiwan. While no major is presently available in either Chinese or Japanese, students can apply coursework in Chinese or Japanese towards the Asian Studies minor, the Asian Studies major, or the Chinese minor. Students can also participate in the many club activities and regular meetings for Chinese Culture Club and Japanese Culture and Anime Club or Japanese Language Club, that include celebrating traditional Asian holidays and festivals, immersion weekends and excursions to Asian markets, tea houses, museums, or restaurants.

How to contact the program:

Interim Chair: Fumiko Fukuta
E-mail: fumiko.fukuta@unco.edu
Phone: (970) 351-3698

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