The MARIE Center as part of the UNC-DO IT Center is an approved RID Certification Maintenance Program Sponsor for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

The MARIE Center under UNC-DO IT Center supervision offers sponsorship to organizations and agencies seeking CEUs for various RID approved learning activities like workshops and conferences.

As well, MARIE can support individual interpreters initiating learning opportunities outside of RID approved events, completing academic course work and/or independent study options.

All Continuing Education Activities must exceed the participants’ routine employment responsibilities in order to be approved.

CEU requests must be submitted and approved prior to the activity occuring. Each type of CEUs has different guidelines and how far in advance the request must be submitted. Academic Coursework is the only type of CEUs that can be submitted after the activity has occurred.

The four types of CEUs are:

For questions, contact Carrie @carolyn.white@uncu.edu