MARIE Sponsored Training Events

MARIE, as a resource center for interpreting and interpreting education, offers various training events. MARIE Sponsored Training Events are geared to the needs of practitioners, aspiring interpreters, educators, mentors, Deaf consumers and other stakeholders within the MARIE region.

Ongoing Events:

  • Legal Interpreter Training Program is a 4-course online program that offers specialized coursework for ASL-English interpreters wanting to work in the legal system or become legally certified. The first course in the sequence will be offered fall semester of 2011 and 2013.
  • Webinars are 90 minute educational opportunities geared to specific stakeholders within the field of interpreting. A series of three webinars will be offered in 2011 with additional webinars in subsequent years. The first series will be focused on Demand-Control Schema and it’s use by interpreting students, IEP faculty, Internship Hosts/Supervisors, mentors and working interpreters.
  • Interpreter Growth Opportunities Series (I-Go) is a skill development program designed to help working interpreters gain national certification. It is an 18-month long program that includes a pre- diagnostic assessment, online learning, working one-on-one with a mentor or in small groups with other participants, and on-going feedback and assessment designed to chart progress and growth towards certification
  • Leadership & Supervision Certificate Program (LSCP) is a 4-semester program of specialized coursework designed for individuals working in or aspiring to positions as lead interpreters, mentors, supervisors or leaders within an interpreting system. The 4 courses are designed to provide students with effective strategies and tools for addressing and managing real-world issues and challenges faced in a variety of fast-growing and rapidly-changing contexts.

Annual Events:

  • Deaf Mentor Training which trains Deaf individuals to become language mentors to working and/or aspiring interpreters. The training is offered as an onsite event during the summer with possible employment as a language mentor following the event.  
  • ASL Immersion which creates a visual based communication environment where aspiring and novice interpreters can improve their ASL communication skills. Participants work with Deaf Mentors during real-life activities to apply new knowledge. This event is offered as an onsite event during the summer with possible follow-up mentoring using distance technology.

Special Events:

  • Institute for Legal Interpreting is a multi-day educational event geared specifically to legal interpreters. This conference will be hosted in Westminster, CO April 11-14, 2012.
  • Conducting Diagnostic Assessments is a one-time online class which trains IEP educators, supervising interpreters, mentors and other interested interpreters to apply two systems of analysis to interpreting work products. This course is being offered again summer session of 2012.

Future events:

  • Deaf Advocacy Train-the-Trainer which trains Deaf individuals to train other Deaf individuals and interpreters about deaf advocacy. These events will be offered in 2011 and 2013.
  • Interpreting in Vocational Rehab Settings Series is a series of 8 modules addressing specialized knowledge and skills for working with Deaf professionals and VR clients in a range of settings. The curriculum for this program is currently being field-tested and the entire series will be launched in the fall 2013.  Check the MARIE website after January 1, 2013 for more information and application procedures.