Conducting Diagnostic Assessments

Conducting Diagnostic Assessments is a 1-semester online course for interpreters interested in learning how to conduct diagnostic assessments of interpreting work products. This course runs from May 17 to August 5, 2011 and will train IEP instructors, supervising/lead interpreters, mentors or others interested in diagnostic work to apply two systems of analysis – one based on Marty Taylor’s major feature analysis process and the other based on Dennis Cokely’s miscue analysis process.

This course was traditionally offered as part of the UNC – Distance Opportunity for Interpreter Training (UNC-DO IT) Center's Leadership and Supervision Certificate Program. Information about this 4-semester program will be coming within the next year (2012).

The Conducting Diagnostic Assessments course is temporarily being presented as a special onetime offering. Individuals taking this offering or others who have completed the course as part of the Leadership and Supervision Certificate Program have the potential to be hired as diagnosticians for the I-Go Series! This program will be launched by the MARIE Center in 2012. The I-Go Series! is a fee-based skill development series using a blended delivery system to focus on specific interpreting skills to prepare novice interpreters for certification. Qualifying individuals will be selected to become part of a group of diagnosticians to conduct pre/post diagnostic assessment services for the new program. Since the I-Go Series! has a very specific objective, the skills development mentorship process is prescriptive in nature. This class will train the diagnosticians in the nature of assessment that will be used.

Applications are currently being accepted.

To apply, please fill out the Conducting Dx Assessment Application Part 1 and Conducting Dx Assessment Application Part 2.

Applicants should be certified interpreters who hold RID or NAD IV/V certifications
and/or EIPA 4.0 or above.

Application deadline is April 1, 2011.